15 Things I Learned From Two Hours Playing The Last Of Us Part II

After years of ready (and a pair contemporary delays), The Final of Us Section II will in the end unlock in a couple of quick weeks. Regardless that Recreation Informer has its overview replica in hand, we’re nonetheless restricted in how a lot of the enjoy we will be able to talk about. For now, we will be able to give spoiler-free impressions in response to a two-hour stretch that concludes with Ellie infiltrating a health center in Seattle – the focal point of Naughty Canine’s State of Play demonstration final week.

As a substitute of operating thru this series step-by-step, I’m going to percentage an eclectic number of my ideas throughout those two hours. Encompassing main points I discovered useful, attention-grabbing, and a laugh, listed below are 15 issues that stood out to me on this particular segment of The Final of Us Section II.

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1. Ellie is indignant. Whilst she’s nonetheless recognizable as the nature from the unique recreation, it’s transparent that her quest for revenge is taking a toll on her. As a small instance: I made Ellie stealthily assassinate a patrolling Washington Liberation Entrance (WLF) soldier, and even though he had performed her no particular incorrect, she spat a disgusted “F—er” at him as he died.

2. Ellie can also be humorous. Regardless that the tone is usually beautiful grim, Ellie infrequently says some entertaining issues whilst speaking to herself. After making an attempt an out of this world (however efficient) puzzle resolution, she congratulates herself with, “That was once beautiful good, Ellie.” After a harrowing series that has something after some other going incorrect, she in the end catches her breath and says, “F— Seattle.”

three. Stealth is fulfilling. I loved the unique The Final of Us, but it surely appeared like maximum encounters had been destined to turn out to be firefights; even though going complete stealth was once conceivable, the restricted choices supposed that I’d in most cases finally end up alerting the dangerous guys ultimately. In The Final of Us Section II, it sort of feels extra possible to stay undetected thru an come upon. One section has Ellie evading Scars – a faction at struggle with the WLF – thru a park. Via staying low within the grass, the use of stealth kills, and wielding quiet guns like my bow and silenced pistol, I used to be in a position to take out they all with out being detected.

four. The “Survivor” issue is to be had in your first playthrough. It is correctly brutal.

five. Issue is very customizable. I performed throughout the health center infiltration on a couple of other problem settings, and the gulf between them is noticeable. Then again, you aren’t sure to outlined modes like simple, standard, or arduous; you’ll be able to additionally fine-tune particular components of the enjoy, like how a lot harm Ellie takes, how perceptive enemies are, and the way considerable assets are on the earth.


6. Being thorough will pay off. As I complicated thru Seattle, I noticed a handful of puts off the vital trail, like a liquor retailer and an condo advanced. Exploring those spots carries some chance, since they are able to be filled with Inflamed or different people. However additionally they give rewards relating to gameplay and aspect tales. Within the liquor retailer, I realized the Inflamed there have been as soon as WLF squaddies searching for a gaggle of deserters. In an condo, I discovered that team of deserters, together with an extraordinary handbook that unlocked a brand new ability tree to enhance Ellie’s explosives.

7. Locked doorways don’t imply you’ll be able to’t get in. To achieve get right of entry to to 1 condo, I simply had to destroy a window and leap in to avoid the locked door … but it surely’s no longer all the time that straightforward. In a convention heart, I noticed a host of ammo and improve portions sitting on a desk in a apparently inaccessible room. I received’t smash the total resolution, however getting into there concerned the use of the surroundings and the items Ellie reveals round her.

eight. The environments are extremely detailed. Puts just like the residences, liquor retailer, and convention heart don’t simply really feel like they’re copied and pasted from a financial institution of property. It’s no longer with regards to having a look excellent graphically; every one seems like a regarded as house that after served its goal on the earth. From decorations at the partitions of a bed room to the table preparations in an workplace house, Ellie’s atmosphere really feel original. They do not really feel like spaces created to fill house in a online game.  

nine. Stalkers are simply the worst. As within the earlier recreation, those Inflamed are tough to come across as they try to sneak up on Ellie, and the strain is terrifying. In a single memorable segment on how to the health center, Ellie must move a chain of rooms filled with those brutal hunters. Regardless that I effectively maintained stealth previous a number of of them, a shrieking Stalker ultimately jumped me and alerted its buddies, which brought on a panicked frenzy of gunfire from me that ended with a pile of useless Stalkers and a scarcity of shotgun shells.

10. The accessibility choices are wide. They come with a good selection of changes you’ll be able to make to the visuals and gameplay. Colorblind mode, HUD magnification, remapping controls, and countless breath whilst swimming are only a handful of choices that illustrate how Naughty Canine has stored avid gamers with disabilities in thoughts.

11. Transitions are quite seamless. The movements flows easily between cutscenes and player-controlled sections, with out quite a lot of load monitors breaking apart the motion. For instance, I watched a cinematic series of Ellie being tossed round underwater, and when she emerged, I used to be again in keep watch over. The one evident loading monitors I take into accout seeing had been after I died and needed to respawn, and when I used to be saving or loading my recreation.

12. You’ll be able to have 20 handbook save slots. Plus one autosave.

13. The non-public touches paintings. Maximum video video games don’t ask you to think carefully about killing dozens of gun-toting guards, however The Final of Us Section II makes the violence really feel non-public. Past the truth that all the enemies can name out to one another via title (together with their canines), additionally they have interactions with every different that trace at their lives past being a drawback to Ellie. Proper out of doors the health center, I catch two guards in mid-conversation as they stroll via. “I were given my woman looking forward to me on the FOB,” the primary one says. The second one replies, “Are you s—-ing me? They put you with Jo once more?” They preserve chatting as they move, but it surely’s arduous to not take into consideration Jo and her response as I sneak up on her spouse with my knife drawn.

14. Killing canines is tough. They don’t really feel just like the mindlessly competitive animals that avid gamers incessantly come upon in different video games; they really feel like anyone’s puppy. My solution to the health center was once undoubtedly made extra sophisticated via my reluctance to kill a canine named Endure who was once patrolling there.

15. This isn’t all. Clearly, a large number of the context that informs this complete two-hour series is lacking right here, particularly because it’s set partway throughout the recreation. However although shall we speak about tale stuff now, we wouldn’t wish to. The fewer you recognize now, the extra you are going to benefit from the enjoy while you’re enjoying it for your self on June 19.

For extra on The Final of Us Section II, take a look at our interview with inventive director Neil Druckmann, then learn this spoiler-free evaluation of the sport.

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