A Mac user’s guide to the Google Chrome browser

Estimates range however most likely a 3rd of Mac customers select to make use of the Chrome browser on their Apple gadget for some reason why. If that’s you, you can have the benefit of the following pointers.

Get round rapid

Similar to Apple’s superb Safari browser, Chrome at the Mac has a variety of keyboard shortcuts that are meant to let you get issues achieved.

Be informed those first:

  • Command-Shift-n: Opens a brand new browser window in Incognito mode (Chrome’s solution to Privateness mode in Safari).
  • Command-L: Highlights textual content within the cope with bar.
  • Command-T: To open a brand new tab.
  • Command-W: To near the present tab.
  • Command-Shift-T: Closed a tab you didn’t imply to near? Do that command to reopen the last-closed tab.
  • Command-Shift-B: Use this command to open and shut bookmarks.
  • Command-y: Open the Historical past web page.

Make it larger

If you’ll’t learn the textual content, take a look at Command and the plus key to extend web page zoom dimension, or select Command and the minus key to shrink it down.

Pin that tab

Simply as in Safari, you’ll pin tabs in Chrome. To take action, simply right-click at the tab and select Pin Tab. Use the similar elementary series to unpin the tab while you’re achieved with it; simply select Unpin Tab.

Put order in tabs

Press the Command key whilst deciding on a couple of tabs in Chrome and you’ll drag them throughout concurrently within the browser. This comes in handy for when you need to open a few of your energetic tabs in a brand new browser window.


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