A new report from Mexico says banks are used to launder money more than crypto

Mexico’s Monetary Intelligence Unit lately printed the result of its 2nd Nationwide Chance Evaluation. The document highlighted that the chance of cash laundering within the banking sector a long way surpasses the problems encountered via fintech corporations.

In keeping with El Economista, the so-called “G7 banking” workforce – BBVA, Santander, Citibanamex, Banorte, HSBC, Scotiabank, and Inbursa – registers considerably extra money laundering in Mexico than Blockchain corporations. Brokerage corporations, alternate corporations, and banking institutional suppliers also are incorporated within the “prime possibility” classification given via the document.

Even though the fintech sector continues to be a conceivable propagator of each cash laundering and the financing of terrorism, the 2020 UIF document didn’t grant a possibility classification to the field.

All over a digital convention in August, an legit from the UNIF discussed that crypto does pose a possibility for illicit actions, and famous that the entity nonetheless considers the generation to be an “rising possibility.”

It’s value noting that Mexico’s blockchain and monetary generation industries have just about doubled in measurement over simply two years, consistent with information supplied to Cointelegraph Espanol.

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