A Year Later, Control's Greatest Secret Is Finally Uncovered

Be aware: This put up incorporates some spoilers for Regulate and a few tiny tale tidbits. If you wish to discover all of it by yourself, it’s possible you’ll need to come again after you’ve gotten finished Regulate and the AWE DLC.

When Regulate used to be launched, it used to be fascinatingly bizarre and stuffed with thriller. As we attempted to battle the extra-dimensional Hiss, we realized concerning the abnormal entities answerable for the Federal Bureau of Regulate, found out supernaturally Altered Pieces, and exposed tale tidbits linking Regulate to a Treatment cult vintage, 2010’s Alan Wake. However the recreation’s largest secret used to be hidden away in its best possible series, the Ashtray Maze. Pay attention sparsely to the track that performs there, and it’s good to pay attention a secret message that gave the impression to trace at hidden content material buried someplace within Regulate.

365 days later to the day, Regulate lovers have found out what that secret message used to be all about. It did trace at hidden content–but it used to be content material that did not seem in Regulate till the discharge of its ultimate DLC growth, AWE. Uncover the correct corner of the Oldest Space in AWE and you can to find the puzzle’s resolution, unlocking a tiny tidbit of a tale Easter egg–and what appears to be the sport’s largest piece of drugs.

Here is what the name of the game message is all about, tips on how to to find it, tips on how to resolve it, what it unearths about Alan Wake, and what you get as a praise.

The Secret Message

To know what used to be exposed with the Regulate secret message, it’s important to perceive what it is telling you to start with. The message seems within the track “Take Regulate,” which seems within the Ashtray Maze towards the top of Regulate’s tale. The track is credited to the Outdated Gods of Asgard, a band that looks in Alan Wake, made up of brothers Tor and Odin Anderson (the Outdated Gods are portrayed by means of real-life musical crew Poets of the Fall). In Alan Wake, the Outdated Gods of Asgard’s songs had the similar reality-bending powers as Wake’s writing, yet they’d fought, and defeated, the supernatural Darkish Presence that finally captures Wake on the finish of that recreation.

The Old Gods of Asgard have manifested supernatural powers from their music, which seems to be why their song helps you get through the Ashtray Maze.
The Outdated Gods of Asgard have manifested supernatural powers from their tune, which appears to be why their track is helping you get throughout the Ashtray Maze.

So the Andersons are characters on the planet of Regulate, yet there may be extra to the track than an Easter egg. Between verses, there are portion the place you’ll pay attention anyone talking–but the phrases are reversed. Run the ones portion backward and you find Regulate’s hidden message (our interpretation of it, anyway, yet there on Reddit there were others):

  • “Of their drunken fevered state, seeing double, profoundly, the pyramid within the stolen document turns into a spruce tree.”
  • “The diamond will let you know the place 1-19-7-1-18-Four-Nine-19 (an A1Z26 cipher that interprets to ‘Asgard is’).”
  • “Touchdown at the polar celebrity and speeding directly to the purple room, to find the wire to take you to a secret rendezvous.”

Gamers attempted to determine what those directions had been relating to, yet got here up empty within the aftermath of Regulate’s free up. Now we all know that they (or no less than a few of them) had been relating to AWE, even though now not the entire clues make very best sense simply but.

The Diamond Will Inform You The place

The primary a part of the name of the game message, the “drunken fevered state,” at all times sounded adore it referred to the Anderson brothers and the background tale in Alan Wake about how they drank moonshine made with water from Cauldron Lake, which may have given them the facility from the Darkish Presence to vary actuality via their tune. The “pyramid within the stolen document turns into a spruce tree” bit is not actually related to the remainder of the puzzle, yet it kind of feels adore it may had been relating to The Basis DLC, and the outline of the Oldest Space as an historical, dwelling tree.

The AWE DLC focuses closely on tying Regulate to Alan Wake. Regulate protagonist Jesse Faden receives a message from Wake throughout the Hotline that directs her to the Investigations Sector, a prior to now sealed house of the Oldest Space. There, she discovers why the segment used to be sealed: There is a murderous, hideous monster working round within the house. That monster is what stays of Alan Wake persona Dr. Emil Hartman. Within the 2010 recreation, Hartman, a psychiatrist, in short held Wake at his hotel in an try to perceive and use Wake’s supernatural talents for his personal achieve. Wake escaped when the Darkish Presence attacked, yet Hartman survived.

All over AWE, we discover out what took place to Hartman. He in short attempted to paintings with the FBC, yet used to be prosecuted for his makes an attempt to make the most of artists, together with Wake and the Andersons, as a “paracriminal.” After doing his time, Hartman went at once again to his paintings making an attempt to achieve keep an eye on of the facility of Cauldron Lake and the Darkish Presence, then again. He dove into the lake to check out to be told extra, and it appears used to be possessed by means of the Darkish Presence. The FBC discovered him, captured him, and interred him in Investigations for find out about, till he broke out and killed a number of other people.

Blow a hole in the wall near a radio playing
Blow a hollow within the wall close to a radio taking part in “Take Regulate” and you can to find the next move within the puzzle.

As Jesse chases Hartman via Investigations, intent on in any case placing him down earlier than he can get away into the remainder of the FBC and wreak extra mayhem. After an stumble upon within the Eagle Restricted AWE segment of the field, Hartman get away via a passage within the wall. The segment is known as “Transferring Passage,” and as Jesse offers chase via it, and in case you are paying consideration, it’s possible you’ll spot an image placing on a wall that displays that very same wall with a hollow in it.

Blast a hollow within the wall and you can input a secret house, which incorporates a hidden little bit of lore to pick out up. Should you glance up, even though, you can see that there is an place of business above you, became on its facet. Fly up via its door to get a go searching. There is a radio close by that is taking part in, what else, “Take Regulate.”

That is the spot you wish to have to be in. Spoil throughout the wall beside the table that holds the radio and you can to find every other secret location. It is a diamond-shaped passageway that ends up in a small, abnormal clock sitting on a pedestal.

Discovering Asgard

The following bite of the track is only a collection of numbers, and on the time the message used to be being deciphered, gamers found out the numbers had been a easy cipher concerning the location of “Asgard.” That is consistent with the entire Norse mythology theming with the Outdated Gods of Asgard, yet what does the series imply?

Whilst you to find the clock, you can temporarily uncover that you’ll get started and forestall the motion of its fingers at the clock’s face. Prevent them on positive numbers and the clock will ring like an alarm. The trick here’s to plug within the numbers from the cypher series. Any which can be over 12 are taken to be in 24-hour layout, or “army time.”

Pressing the interact button causes the hand of the clock to move around its face. Stop it on each number in the sequence to unlock the path forward.Pressing the interact button causes the hand of the clock to move around its face. Stop it on each number in the sequence to unlock the path forward.
Urgent the engage button reasons the hand of the clock to transport round its face. Prevent it on every quantity within the series to free up the trail ahead.

So the series seems like this within the track: “1-19-7-1-18-Four-Nine-19.”

However inputting into the clock, you want this series: “1-7-7-1-6-Four-Nine-7.”

You do this by means of preventing the clock hand on every quantity in series because it rotates across the face–if you prevent at the incorrect quantity, it’s important to get started over, like a mixture lock. Input the entire series into the clock and a hollow opens within the flooring in the back of it. Should you glance down within the hollow, you can see the next step: the Polar Megastar, a star-shaped stone set into the ground of the shaft.

The Crimson Room

Drop down onto the Drop down onto the
Drop down onto the “polar celebrity”-shaped platform, then head into the Crimson Room, the place you will have to battle waves of enemies.

Whilst you drop down the shaft to the Polar Megastar, your subsequent vacation spot is simply forward: the Crimson Room. It is a same old Oldest Space place of business house, yet bathed totally in purple gentle. There aren’t any lore drops or anything to search out within, yet whilst you input the Crimson Room, you are attacked by means of waves of Hiss. Preventing them off is hard, yet when you arrange to overcome them, the next move of the puzzle unlocks.

The track tells you to “to find the wire to take you to a secret rendezvous.” In Regulate, the “wire” refers to a abnormal gentle wire that looks periodically within the Oldest Space. Pulling the wire thrice straight away transports you to the Oceanview Motel, a abnormal supernatural location that may hyperlink portions of the Oldest Space in combination. Within the AWE DLC, you talk over with the Oceanview a few instances, the place you are handled to cutscenes wherein you notice Wake speaking with Thomas Zane, every other Alan Wake persona. In any case the enemies within the Crimson Room are useless, you can discover a wire just about within the middle of it. Pulling it thrice, predictably, takes you again to the Crimson Room.

The place Asgard Is

Once you get into the Oceanview Motel, you'll get a message from Wake that gives you a tidbit of Alan Wake lore.Once you get into the Oceanview Motel, you'll get a message from Wake that gives you a tidbit of Alan Wake lore.
When you get into the Oceanview Motel, you can get a message from Wake that offers you a tidbit of Alan Wake lore.

It is a little bit of a lackluster talk over with to the Oceanview, given one of the vital others in Regulate or even in AWE. Whilst you arrive, there may be not anything a lot occurring. As same old, your purpose is to search out the important thing to the door with the inverted pyramid on it, which supplies your go out. To get it, you can wish to move to the only open visitor room within the motel and accumulate the important thing off the table.

When that occurs, you obtain a handy guide a rough, temporary Hotline message from Wake, who talks in short about Valhalla, a retirement house based to be a spot the place the (already ludicrously outdated) Anderson brothers may just are living out their twilight years. There is now not a large number of knowledge, yet that is principally the gist of what this key’s all about. AWE tells the tale of what took place to Emil Hartman after Alan Wake, and this year-long secret tells what took place to the Andersons. THe pair are living (or lived) out their days in a retirement house that used to be based some 5 years earlier than Regulate in 2014, referred to as Valhalla. Regardless of being there, the lifestyles of “Take Regulate” suggests they persisted to entertain with supernatural rock god prowess.

Your Praise

The Aerobics personal mod might be the very best one in the game.The Aerobics personal mod might be the very best one in the game.
The Aerobics private mod could be the easiest one within the recreation.

Even though the name of the game supplies just a tidbit of Alan Wake lore, it does dish out one thing lovely important: a “Non-public Mod,” one of the crucial items of drugs you’ll equip in Regulate. This one is known as Aerobics, a top-tier mod that offers you well being every time you utilize your Evade transfer within the recreation. Since maximum gamers are most probably to make use of Evade virtually continuously to keep away from incoming enemy fireplace and different threat, that is an exceedingly excellent mod. And with the addition of the Shum horde mode in AWE, the Aerobics mod could be exceptionally helpful to any person who unearths it.

In order that’s it. There is much more Alan Wake and Regulate lore to discover within the AWE DLC, and it indisputably turns out that Regulate’s DLC is teasing a large go back to the Alan Wake tale in Treatment Leisure’s subsequent recreation. What this is continues to be noticed, yet within the intervening time, take a look at our AWE overview.

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