All Doom Eternal Sentinel Battery Locations

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Understanding about those Sentinel Battery Places is vital to amassing all of them. With our lend a hand, you’ll be able to know what missions comprise Sentinel Batteries and what number of of those secrets and techniques there are.

No longer each degree has Sentinel Batteries to seek out. Maximum of them, then again, additionally mean you can earn 3 Sentinel Batteries by means of finishing mission-specific demanding situations. You’ll be able to want to whole the ones, and in finding all the Sentinel Battery Places, with a view to free up the whole lot at the Fort of Doom.


The primary of the Sentinel Battery Places is located at the marketing campaign’s 2nd undertaking. You get given this right through the undertaking, so you do not technically have to seek out it.

Cultist Base

There are 3 Sentinel Batteries to seek out. The primary is within the space with two Revenants and a few Zombies. After defeating them, flip round from the realm you got here. You’ll be able to see a ledge off on your left.

Soar to it and damage the wall. Hit the lever inside of. This opens a gate beneath the damaged bridge.


Head over there and take the Grav Raise up. On the best, sprint throughout to the collapse entrance of you to clutch the battery.

The second one is within the room with an Further Lifestyles up prime. Kill the Cacodemon on your left and apply the trail round to seek out it.

The remaining battery is after some other struggle with two Revenants and Zombies throughout the facility.

From the elevator you go out, head ahead and search for some other one on your left. Experience that one down and go out into this room. Practice the trail to seek out it.

Doom Hunter Base

Get ready to seek out two Sentinel Batteries. After a large battle with the walkway within the center, drop all the way down to ground degree.

Search for a breakable vent beneath the walkway’s pillars. Damage it, drop down, and clutch the battery.

The second is in a floating space later within the degree. Soar to the coffin mountaineering wall proven under.

Soar and sprint throughout to the bar, and swing throughout to the construction. Input, kill the Zombies, and head to the again right-hand wall. The battery is nestled there.

Tremendous Gore Nest

3 Sentinel Batteries look ahead to you right here. Within the poisonous water space ahead of you swing off a bar to wreck a wall up prime. Practice the poisonous water trail in the course of the pipe in entrance of you in finding the primary battery.

The second one is located after some platforming round spinning fireballs within the lava area. Whenever you scramble inside of a construction, the battery is on your left.

The overall location is on the degree’s finish. After you have the Blue Key, head again to the primary struggle space. Open the door to the Grav Raise by means of the Hellgrowth with the particles twister above it.

Cross up within the raise, glance appropriate, and sprint to the mountaineering wall. Practice the trail on your left all of the means round, taking the Spectre out as you move.

The trail opens right into a room with busted window. The Slayer Key’s right here, and a battery is at the a long way wall.

ARC Complicated

3 Sentinel Battery places are provide. The primary is ahead of you bounce out of a damaged window to apply your goal marker.

Head left up the steps onto a balcony. Soar and sprint around the hole. The battery is in your left along a secret on your appropriate.

The second one is down an extended hall in a room with Imps. Kill them, after which head into the room in entrance of you, by the use of the door on the again, to clutch it.

The remaining battery is within the crimson sticky goo space. Head to the pillar on the again, throughout the cord fence.

Punch a block out and climb up onto it. Soar and swing from the bar, straight away flip round and sprint to the block within the different space. Snatch the battery right here.

Mars Core

You’ll be able to in finding 3 Sentinel Batteries right here. After you drop down into the underground passage to clutch the BFG-9000, flip round.

The battery is on a platform in the back of you. Soar over to clutch it.

The second one is within the Mars particles platforming space. Use the Grav Raise to propel you in the course of the air. After you land, flip round and swing the bar in the back of you.

Land on some other platform after which bounce to the station above the Grav Raise. The battery is at the left.

The overall location is within the Misplaced Town of Hebeth. Drop down from the outlet space and glance appropriate for it.

Taras Nabad

Snatch your self 3 Sentinel Batteries in Taras Nabad. You’ll be able to in finding the primary after struggling with the Marauder at first.

Head to the left of the platform, ahead of the bridge into town, and drop down onto a ledge. Flip round and damage the wall. Head alongside the trail to seek out this Sentinel Battery.

The second is in the primary courtyard space. Head to the stained glass home windows at the higher degree and apply the trail to the precise hallway. You’ll be able to see a kneeling statue. Destroy it to show a button.

A gate close to the doorway will open. Head again, climb up the wall, and damage the chain preserving a weight up. It’s going to damage in the course of the ground to provide you with get right of entry to to the battery.

The remaining of the discoverable Sentinel Battery Places is within the area with the fallen Titan. Having a look on the Titan, flip on your again appropriate aspect. You’ll be able to see the battery there.

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