Animal Crossing: Catch These Bugs And Fish In New Horizons Before October

October is upon us, this means that a brand new collection of insects, fish, and sea creatures will quickly start showing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. That still implies that positive species might be leaving your island in simplest a few days, making this your final likelihood to catch them within the sport for a short time.

Now that fall has begun in Northern Hemisphere islands, most of the closing summer time insects and fish might be heading into hibernation come October. In contrast, just a handful of critters are leaving Southern Hemisphere islands subsequent month, however you’ll be able to nonetheless wish to catch them whilst you’ll to fill out your encyclopedia. You’ll see all of the insects, fish, and sea creatures which can be leaving Animal Crossing: New Horizons this week, on September 30, beneath.

Fish And Insects Leaving After September

Northern Hemisphere


Fish Location/Dimension Time Value
Arapaima River, 6 four PM – nine AM 10,000
Arowana River, four four PM – nine AM 10,000
Butterfly Fish Sea, 2 All day 1,000
Clown Fish Sea, 1 All day 650
Crawfish Pond, 2 All day 200
Dorado River, five four AM – nine PM 15,000
Gar Pond, five four PM – nine AM 6,000
Nice White Shark Sea, fin four PM – nine AM 15,000
Hammerhead Shark Sea, fin four PM – nine AM eight,000
King Salmon River (mouth), 6 All day 1,800
Nibble Fish River, 1 nine AM – four PM 1,500
Ocean Sunfish Sea, fin four AM – nine PM four,000
Piranha River, 2 nine AM – four PM, nine PM – four AM 2,500
Puffer Fish Sea, three All day 250
Saddled Bichir River, four nine PM – four AM four,000
Salmon River (mouth), four All day 700
Noticed Shark Sea, fin four PM – nine AM 12,000
Comfortable-shelled Turtle River, four four PM – nine AM three,750
Suckerfish Sea, fin All day 1,500
Surgeonfish Sea, 2 All day 1,000
Sweetfish River, three All day 900
Whale Shark Sea, fin All day 13,000

In case you have a Northern Hemisphere island, this week marks your final likelihood to catch quite a few summer time fish, together with sharks. No longer simplest are those usually exhausting to come back through, as they just seem within the ocean all through the summer time months, additionally they fetch a gorgeous penny at Corner’s Cranny, making them an effective way to make money. Quite a lot of other river and pond fish are leaving on the finish of this month as neatly, together with some precious catches just like the dorado, arowana, and arapaima.


Trojan horse Location Time Value
Agrias Butterfly Flying close to plants eight AM – five PM three,000
Atlas Moth On bushes 7 PM – four AM three,000
Diving Beetle River/pond eight AM – 7 PM 800
Earth-boring Dung Beetle At the flooring All day 300
Emperor Butterfly Flying close to plants five PM – eight AM four,000
Large Water Trojan horse River/pond 7 PM – eight AM 2,000
Goliath Beetle On coconut bushes five PM – eight AM eight,000
Grasshopper At the flooring eight AM – five PM 160
Madagascan Sundown Moth Flying close to plants eight AM – four PM 2,500
Mosquito Flying five PM – four AM 130
Pondskater River/pond eight AM – 7 PM 130
Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing Flying close to plants eight AM – four PM four,000
Rainbow Stag On bushes 7 PM – eight AM 6,000
Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing Flying close to plants eight AM – five PM 2,500
Tiger Butterfly Flying close to plants four AM – 7 PM 240
Walker Cicada On bushes eight AM – four PM 400
Strolling Leaf At the flooring (disguised as a leaf) All day 600

Quite a lot of insects are leaving Northern Hemisphere islands this week as neatly, maximum significantly more than a few butterflies. A few of these, just like the Queen Alexandra’s birdwing and agrias butterfly, are value a couple of thousand bells apiece, so it would be best to catch them whilst you’ll. Whilst maximum beetles have since long gone into hibernation, the rainbow stag and goliath beetle have nonetheless been showing on bushes this month, however they’re going to likewise go away the sport come October.

Sea Creatures

Sea Creature Time Value
Flatworm four PM – nine AM 700
Gigas Large Clam All day 15,000
Horseshoe Crab nine PM – four AM 2,500
Moon Jellyfish All day 600
Sea Grapes All day 900
Sea Urchin All day 1,700
Slate Pencil Urchin four PM – nine AM 2,000
Tiger Prawn four PM – nine AM three,000

In contrast to fish, you’ll be able to wish to dive to catch sea creatures, which makes them just a little extra of a bother to search out. If you have not taken a dip within the ocean shortly, alternatively, it would be best to achieve this earlier than September ends, because the infrequent and precious gigas massive clam is leaving the sport come October. It sells for a whopping 15,000 bells and would possibly not be again till Might, so do not omit your likelihood to catch one.

Southern Hemisphere


Fish Location Time Value
Bitterling River, 1 All day 900
Soccer Fish Sea, four four PM – nine AM 2,500
Sea Butterfly Sea, 1 All day 1,000
Stringfish River (clifftop), five four PM – nine AM 15,000
Sturgeon River (mouth), 6 All day 10,000
Yellow Perch River, three All day 300

By contrast to Northern Hemisphere islands, just a few fish are leaving the sport for Southern Hemisphere avid gamers in October. Those come with the rare–and pricey–stringfish and sturgeon. Each seem in explicit portions of the river; the previous may also be discovered within the clifftop, whilst the latter spawns within the mouth of the river close to the sea.


Trojan horse Location Time Value
Emperor Butterfly Flying close to plants five PM – eight AM four,000

Just one computer virus is leaving Southern Hemisphere islands come October, however it is a lovely precious one: the emperor butterfly. It sells for four,000 bells at Corner’s Cranny and is a gorgeous commonplace sight round plants, so catch and promote whilst you’ll.

Sea Creatures

Sea Creature Location Time
Crimson King Crab All day eight,000

Likewise, just one sea creature is leaving Southern Hemisphere islands: the purple king crab. It sounds as if within the ocean all day and can internet you eight,000 bells at Corner’s Cranny.

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