Anthem Finally playable 4K 60 FPS Max settings with new 30 series cards

CG writes: We loved Anthem when it first launched and really feel it is possibly underappreciated. Now not handiest does it play smartly, however seems unbelievable as well. We lately dived-in once more to check the efficiency the use of an RTX 3090 and will safely say the sport now runs the use of max settings and 4K with a forged 60 fps. We predict the 3080 additionally to run this at 4K60. Prior to now our RTX 2080 Ti struggled to deal with this most well-liked body price and dipped into the 40s slightly regularly right through intense moments. Curiously, BioWare are making plans a revamp for this sport (Anthem someday which addresses probably the most proceedings gamers had with the sport’s programs. We predict that to unencumber subsequent yr if we’re hazarding a bet. It’ll even be attention-grabbing if much more gamers dive-in this November when EA’s Starting place turns into a part of Microsoft’s Xbox Sport Go.

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