Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict: Why Caucasus flare-up risks wider war

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By means of Laurence Broers
South Caucasus knowledgeable, Chatham Area

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  • Nagorno-Karabakh battle
An Armenian soldier is seen amid military clashes with Azeri army along the contact line of the self-proclaimed Nagorno-Karabakh regionsymbol copyrightEPA
symbol captionAll sides seem to be digging in for an extended battle, which dangers higher involvement by means of out of doors powers
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Renewed hostilities were raging between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces across the contested territory of Nagorno-Karabakh within the southern Caucasus.

In scale and scope, the preventing that broke out on Sunday surpasses the periodic escalations of new years, involving heavy artillery, tanks, missiles and drones.

Up to now there are greater than 100 showed deaths amongst civilians and Armenian warring parties killed in motion. Azerbaijan does no longer unencumber information on its army losses, however those can also be assumed to be a minimum of as top.

The preventing seems to be pushed by means of an strive by means of Azerbaijani forces to recapture swathes of territories occupied by means of Armenian forces within the Karabakh conflict after the Soviet Union collapsed. Masses of hundreds of ethnic Azeris have been displaced from those spaces in 1992-Four.

The escalation follows a disturbing 12 months – a diplomatic standoff, belligerent rhetoric and clashes in July to the north within the space of the global border between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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What are the hazards?

Earlier escalations between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces were contained after a couple of days. The depth of the present preventing signifies that this might not be imaginable this time.

Populated spaces inside the contested territory of Nagorno-Karabakh were hit by means of missile moves and bombardments for the primary time for the reason that 1990s. Civilian goals in Armenia and in Azerbaijan have additionally been hit.

Local residents gather outside a dugout in readiness to take shelter during the fighting over the breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh, 30 September 2020symbol copyrightReuters
symbol captionPreventing since Sunday has resulted no longer simply within the deaths of army workforce, however civilians too

All sides seem to be digging in for an extended battle. Azerbaijan has rejected renewed negotiations with Armenia, and in contrast to in earlier escalations it has a better level of Turkish enhance to rely on. The risk is that a longer, protracted battle will see higher involvement by means of out of doors powers, risking a much broader regional conflict.

What’s Turkey’s function?

Turkey has historically supplied ethical and diplomatic enhance to its fellow Turkic country and key geo-strategic spouse Azerbaijan. Contacts between defence officers of each states intensified after July’s clashes, and joint army workout routines adopted.

For the reason that preventing began on Sunday, Turkey has declared its unconditional enhance to Azerbaijan, and seems to be lending Azerbaijani more than a few forms of army capacity. There may be little question that very popular Turkish army drone era is being deployed.

Yerevan has additionally accused Ankara of capturing down an Armenian SU-25 plane on 29 September, which Ankara denies. Even though such claims were made ahead of and located to be unfaithful, there also are unconfirmed – however rising – claims that Turkey has mobilised mercenaries from Syria to battle for Azerbaijan.

What’s Russia’s function?

Russia performs numerous, regularly contradictory, roles within the battle. Thru bilateral ties and the Collective Safety Treaty Organisation, Moscow supplies Armenia with safety promises, however those don’t lengthen to the fight zone in Nagorno-Karabakh, which is the world over recognised as a part of Azerbaijan. Moscow additionally provides guns to each side and is likely one of the co-chairs of the Minsk Workforce mediating the battle.

Russia has known as for a ceasefire, however in contrast to earlier large-scale escalations it has but to convene a gathering of Armenian and Azerbaijani political or army leaderships.

Moscow has an uneasy courting with Armenia’s new post-2018 chief Nikol Pashinyan, and Yerevan would surely wish to care for the escalation so far as imaginable by itself. Russia used to be no longer in a position within the 1990s to deploy peacekeeping forces at the floor in Nagorno-Karabakh. Misgivings that Moscow’s help would include strings hooked up drives warning in soliciting for Russian enhance.

media captionThe funeral in Azerbaijan for one of the crucial useless infantrymen

For so long as fight is contained to contested territory in and round Nagorno-Karabakh, the optics of conserving Russian neutrality make Moscow’s overt involvement not going. Alternatively, an extended battle with expanding Turkish participation would threaten Russia’s dominance in a space it considers a part of its sphere of privileged pursuits, and invite a reaction.

How has the global group reacted?

Excluding Turkey, different regional and world powers have known as for restraint. Iran, Georgia and Qatar have presented to mediate. A gathering of the United International locations Safety Council on 29 September affirmed the main function of the Minsk Workforce, chaired by means of France, Russia and the US, of the Group for Safety and Co-operation in Europe, in mediating between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

However concentrating enough global consideration and dedication to renewing international relations can be difficult. The preventing coincides with a length of global distraction because of the worldwide pandemic, the USA elections and a conventional development the place focal point falls away as soon as a ceasefire is agreed.

How would possibly occasions play out?

Fast and consolidated army good fortune, both thru recapture of important territory by means of Azerbaijan, or the repelling of Azerbaijani operations by means of Armenian forces, may just open up scope for a ceasefire, however cause home instability in whichever facet fares worse.

The longer that preventing is going on, and/or if one facet is noticed to be dropping in a extra protracted combat, the much more likely it’s that Russia and Turkey will face tricky possible choices over whether or not to turn into extra concerned.

Laurence Broers is Caucasus programme director at peace-building organisation Conciliation Sources and writer of Armenia and Azerbaijan: Anatomy of a Competition

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