Armenia says its fighter jet 'shot down by Turkey'

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A Turkish Air Force F-16 fighter jet. File photosymbol copyrightReuters
symbol captionTurkey, which has F-16s, is overtly backing Azerbaijan within the battle over Nagorgno-Karabakh
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Armenia says one among its fighter jets was once shot down by way of a Turkey jet, in a big escalation of a battle over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh area.

The Armenian overseas ministry stated the pilot of the Soviet-made SU-25 died after being hit by way of the Turkish F-16 in Armenian air house.

Turkey, which is backing Azerbaijan within the battle, has denied the declare.

Just about 100 folks, together with civilians, have died in 3 days of preventing over the disputed mountainous area.

The mountainous enclave is formally a part of Azerbaijan, however has been run by way of ethnic Armenians since 1994.

  • What are Armenia and Azerbaijan preventing over?
  • Nagorno-Karabakh profile

Azerbaijan has again and again said that its air pressure does no longer have F-16 fighter jets. Alternatively, Turkey does.

The preventing that began 3 days in the past now seems to be spilling out of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Armenia and Azerbaijan – that have already mobilised extra squaddies and declared martial legislation in some spaces – blame every different for beginning the preventing.

There are rising issues that different nations might get at once concerned within the battle within the strategic Caucasus area.

Whilst Turkey is backing Azerbaijan, Russia – which has an army base in Armenia – has referred to as for a direct ceasefire.

Map showing conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh region
2px presentational grey line

Nagorno-Karabakh – key details

  • A mountainous area of about four,400 squarekm (1,700 squaremiles)
  • Historically inhabited by way of Christian Armenians and Muslim Turks
  • In Soviet instances, it turned into an independent area inside the republic of Azerbaijan
  • Across the world recognised as a part of Azerbaijan, however majority of inhabitants is ethnic Armenian
  • Self-proclaimed government aren’t recognised by way of any UN member, together with Armenia
  • An estimated 1,000,000 folks displaced by way of battle in 1988-94, and about 30,000 killed
  • Separatist forces captured some additional territory across the enclave in Azerbaijan
  • Stalemate has in large part prevailed since a 1994 ceasefire
  • Turkey overtly helps Azerbaijan
  • Russia has an army base in Armenia
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What is the background?

In 1988, in opposition to the tip of Soviet rule, Azerbaijani troops and Armenian secessionists started a bloody battle which left Nagorno-Karabakh within the arms of ethnic Armenians when a truce was once signed in 1994.

Tens of 1000’s died in preventing, and plenty of ethnic Azerbaijanis had been pressured to escape their properties.

It’s now a de facto unbiased area, depending closely on make stronger from Armenia. However it’s not recognised by way of any UN member, together with Armenia.

Swathes of Azeri territory across the enclave also are below Armenian regulate.

Shelling has caused damage to homes in the city of Martunisymbol copyrightEPA
symbol captionShelling has brought about injury to properties within the town of Martuni

Negotiations have thus far failed to supply an everlasting peace settlement, and the dispute within the area stays one among post-Soviet Europe’s “frozen conflicts”.

Karabakh is the Russian rendering of an Azeri phrase which means “black lawn”, whilst Nagorno is a Russian phrase which means “mountainous”. Ethnic Armenians desire to name the area Artsakh, an historical Armenian identify for the world.

Over time either side have had squaddies killed in sporadic breaches of the ceasefire. Landlocked Armenia has suffered serious financial issues because of the closure of borders with Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Russia, France and america co-chair the Group for Safety and Co-operation in Europe’s Minsk Team, which has been making an attempt to dealer an finish to the dispute.

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