Baidu offers quantum computing from the cloud

Following its developer convention remaining week, Baidu nowadays detailed Quantum Leaf, a brand new cloud quantum computing platform designed for programming, simulating, and executing quantum workloads. It’s aimed toward offering a programming atmosphere for quantum-infrastructure-as-a-service setups, Baidu says, and it enhances the Paddle Quantum construction toolkit the corporate launched previous this yr.

Professionals imagine that quantum computing, which at a excessive stage involves the usage of quantum-mechanical phenomena like superposition and entanglement to accomplish computation, may just someday boost up AI workloads. Additionally, AI continues to play a job in state of the art quantum computing analysis.

Baidu says a key part of Quantum Leaf is QCompute, a Python-based open supply construction package with a hybrid programming language and a high-performance simulator. Customers can leverage prebuilt items and modules within the quantum programming atmosphere, passing parameters to construct and execute quantum circuits at the simulator or cloud simulators and . Necessarily, QCompute supplies products and services for growing and inspecting circuits and calling the backend.

Quantum Leaf dovetails with Quanlse, which Baidu additionally detailed nowadays. The corporate describes Quanlse as a “cloud-based quantum pulse computing carrier” that bridges the distance between tool and by means of offering a carrier to design and enforce pulse sequences as a part of quantum duties. (Pulse sequences are a way of lowering quantum error, which ends up from decoherence and different quantum noise.) Quanlse works with each superconducting circuits and nuclear magnetic resonance platforms and can prolong to new shape elements sooner or later, Baidu says.

The revealing of Quantum Leaf and Quanlse follows the discharge of Amazon Braket and Google’s TensorFlow Quantum, a device finding out framework that may assemble quantum knowledge units, prototype hybrid quantum and vintage device finding out fashions, beef up quantum circuit simulators, and teach discriminative and generative quantum fashions. Fb’s PyTorch depends upon Xanadu’s multi-contributor undertaking for quantum computing PennyLane, a third-party library for quantum device finding out, automated differentiation, and optimization of hybrid quantum-classical computations. And Microsoft provides a number of kits and libraries for quantum device finding out programs.

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