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Banana blossom: the next vegan food star with the texture of fish

Following on from beetroot burgers and jackfruit curries, the following superstar of the vegan “meat” international hails from the gardens of south-east Asia and appears moderately like an artichoke.

Banana blossom, often referred to as a “banana middle”, is a fleshy, purple-skinned flower, formed like a tear, which grows on the finish of a banana fruit cluster. Historically utilized in south-east Asian and Indian cooking, it can be eaten uncooked and its chunky, flaky texture makes it a great exchange for fish.

Sainsbury’s, which will probably be rolling out a chain of plant-based foods later this 12 months, is to incorporate banana blossom in its in a position foods within the hope the flower will catch on amongst a burgeoning inhabitants of consumers in search of meat-free possible choices.

Alexa Masterson-Jones, the traits and innovation supervisor at Sainsbury’s, stated: “I used to be in a cafe referred to as Little Kolkata [in London] with my crew, and we ordered a banana blossom kofta.

“When it arrived, we idea they’d mistakenly given us a lamb kofta, as it tasted so meaty. We idea this used to be an important new aspect, however a colleague, Jay, who grew up in Kolkata, stated ‘When I used to be rising up, we grew banana blossom on the backside of the lawn’.”

Masterson-Jones researched recipes and cooking ways, or even spoke to Jay’s mom for inspiration. “Historically, it used to be by no means used as a meat choice, however so to get extra greens into dishes,” she stated. Now, recent banana blossom has began to appear in greengrocers, she added.

One in 8 Britons are actually vegetarian or vegan, in step with analysis by means of Waitrose, and about 22 million other folks establish as “flexitarians” – individuals who devour meat however wish to scale back their intake. Supermarkets are expanding their vegan traces, from “ham” to “goujons” and “meatballs” to “burgers” constructed from soya, seitan, tempeh and Quorn.

Waitrose is so as to add an additional 10 traces in April to its present vary of 65 merchandise, together with a seitan and mushroom burger. Marks & Spencer’s Plant Kitchen is a vegan vary of 60 merchandise together with soya-based nuggets, cauliflower popcorn and the primary vegan coleslaw.

With plant-based possible choices, there are two camps: the ones in search of choice proteins comparable to pea and soya, and those that go for substances together with banana blossom which can be nutritious and fibrous, however don’t seem to be going to give you the identical protein content material as meat.

“Other greens have their very own distinctive structural houses, so do higher jobs at replicating various things. For instance, the mushrooms we use in our Shroomdogs do an ideal process at emulating that sausage-like texture, whilst jackfruit is superb at replicating pulled red meat,” stated Masterton-Jones.

Banana blossom has “reasonably a impartial flavour, so it absorbs flavours actually smartly. We’ve been soaking it in kombu and wrapping it in nori, to place that fishy flavour via it, and created a battered cod-esque fillet,” she stated. As banana blossom is fibrous, it could actually stand numerous seasoning. “We’ve been stir-frying it, hanging it in dumplings and croquettes, and we’ve discovered that should you cube it up actually small, it has a pleasing mince texture as smartly,” she stated.

Gizzi Erskine, the chef and co-founder of Dirt, a soya mince burger eating place in London, stated: “We’re ended in imagine that meat is the one solution to get high quality proteins, and we all know that’s no longer the case.

“Folks are actually short of to increase their wisdom about opting for sustainable meals choices, and so they know they may be able to get the similar vitamin from meat-free proteins.”

Style take a look at

On the Thai eating place Supawan in London, check out the Yum Hua Plee salad. Introduced in a teardrop crimson leaf, it’s chopped up into a nearly mince-like state and has a shockingly meaty texture, albeit rather stringy. Some say it tastes like artichoke, however right here it sort of feels extra of a automobile than having its personal id, with the chilli and spices giving it warmth and sharpness.

The London chip store Sutton and Sons serves a calmly pickled artichoke resemblance. It for sure looks as if the actual deal, however does reasonably have the flaky texture on slicing. Having been marinated in seaweed and samphire, that is most probably the nearest you are going to get to the flavor of fish.

Vegan fish and chips from Sutton and Sons

Vegan fish and chips from Sutton and Sons. : Sutton and Sons

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