Clean Your Dryer Vent to Save Money and Prevent Fires

A washer and dryer pair in a sunny laundry room

Cleansing out the vent of your garments dryer is rarely a glamorous process, but it surely’s a important person who decreases the chance of fires in your house and saves you cash too. Right here’s find out how to do it.

Nearly all of issues you’ll revel in along with your dryer are an immediate results of failure to robotically blank the dyer. It’s simple not to take into consideration it, and if you happen to’ve by no means wiped clean out your dryer, we definitely received’t dangle it towards you. Doing so is necessary each from the viewpoint of extending the lifetime of your equipment and protection. Right here’s why and the way to take action.

Why Blank Your Vent?

In terms of cleansing duties round the house, some issues are low-priority and coffee menace, after which there are issues that you just shouldn’t sell off within the some-day-never class.

Dusting the trim above a doorway is a kind of low-priority sort duties. Sure, it’s great to have all of the trim paintings in your house dusted, however if you happen to forget it (for years even), not anything terrible will come of it. Dryer vents, then again, are a distinct tale. There are just about three,000 reported dryer fires a yr in the US, leading to an estimated 5 deaths, 100 accidents, and $35 million in assets harm in line with the U.S. Hearth Management. A 3rd of the ones fires are without delay resulting from a failure to wash the dryer.

Fire prevention PSA from FEMA, encouraging people to clean their dryer vent once a year.
U.S. Hearth Management

Although you’re fortunate sufficient to keep away from one thing as critical as a area hearth as a consequence of a poorly maintained dryer, now not cleansing the vent decreases the potency of your dryer (which wastes each power and cash), reduces the lifespan of the dryer (imagine now not cleansing it akin not to converting the oil for your automobile), results in garments drying improperly (which may end up in odors), and will motive the increase mold and mould within the dryer vent (which additionally results in odors).

Sturdy Signs Your Dryer Vent Wishes Cleansing

Cleansing your dryer vent once or more a yr is a certain must-do little bit of house repairs. Whether or not you revel in any of those signs or now not, you must nonetheless make an effort to do it.

For those who revel in any of the next issues, on the other hand, you’re lengthy past due for a cleansing and must attend to it once imaginable.

Your Dryer Is Drafty

If you’re feeling somewhat of a draft inside of your garments dryer whilst you’re emptying it, that signifies the flapper at the external of your own home or condo is caught open. In most cases compacted dryer lint and particles is the reason for this example, because it builds up sufficient to forestall the duvet at the finish of the vent from remaining as it should be.

Your Clothes Isn’t Utterly Dry

For those who’ve run your garments thru a complete cycle they usually aren’t utterly dry, it’s a excellent indicator the damp air from the dryer isn’t venting successfully. In the event that they’re nonetheless truly damp, it’s most probably the dryer heating part is malfunctioning (and also you must name in a carrier particular person to have a look at it) but when they’re heat however nonetheless a little bit damp (when in the past that exact drying cycle did the trick), it’s most probably a air flow factor.

Your Clothes Smells Atypical

Just lately we mentioned what to do if you happen to’re coping with funky smelling towels. For those who’re assured that the washing machine isn’t the supply of your clothes’s funky smells, it’s completely imaginable the dryer is at fault.

Whilst the recent, dry air the dryer pushes throughout the dryer creates a opposed surroundings for such things as mold and mould, if in case you have a critical lint buildup (which, in maximum families, is most commonly natural subject matter like cotton fluff), then you might have where for odor-causing microbes to take dangle. Additional, if you happen to reside in a moist local weather and the flapper of your dryer hasn’t been remaining as it should be, as we mentioned above, humid air from outdoor your own home is leaking again into the dryer vent and mingling with all that lint caught at the facets of the vent.

Along with unusual smells from the funky buildup within the dryer vent, if in case you have a gasoline dryer, insufficient air flow can even once in a while go away a lingering combustion odor to your clothes.

Your Garments and the Dryer Are Sizzling

That is the place we’re entering the risk zone signs. Now not drying smartly is something. Garments that turns out means too scorching and a dryer frame this is surprisingly scorching to touch are a a lot more bad factor. If you are taking a load of towels out and are shocked at how scorching they really feel or how scorching the steel frame of the dryer is in your contact, you must stop use of the dryer till you blank the vent and extra examine the supply of the issue.

Clothes must really feel heat, and the frame of the dryer gets heat whilst the dryer in operation however anytime both of the ones issues feels strangely scorching to touch you’re creeping into the fire-risk territory.

Your Laundry Rooms Turns out Warmer or Extra Humid Than Same old

If the laundry rooms turns out hotter than same old, and particularly if it kind of feels extra humid than same old, there’s an excellent chance that scorching, wet air is being pressured thru a vulnerable level someplace within the dryer vent gadget as a result of improperly sealed tubing blended with the power of the blower within the dryer pushing towards the lint buildup is forcing the air out into the room.

In case you have a gasoline dryer, the expelled air isn’t simply dangerous for the room (on account of the dampness) however dangerous for you (on account of gases within the exhaust like carbon monoxide). Just like the too-hot-dryer scenario above, this can be a bad scenario, and also you must stop use of the dryer till you blank the dryer vent and reseal it.

The best way to Blank Your Dryer Vent

Now that we’ve put a enough terror for your hearts, the excellent news! Cleansing and keeping up your dryer’s air flow gadget is truly easy and a job that anyone, even any person with limited-to-no house growth chops can tackle. (However, as at all times, if you happen to’re fearful concerning the activity, it’s highest to name in a to hand buddy or rent a qualified.)

The Equipment You’ll Want

To wash out the vent ductwork, you’ll want the next gear:

  • A Dryer Vent Brush: I’ve owned this fashion for years and suggest it to all my buddies. It’s a round brush that you simply connect to a chain of screw-together-fiberglass poles to feed into the duct.
  • A Small Vent Brush:  A smaller vent brush, like this one, is easiest for cleansing out the lint entice at the dryer itself. Search for a protracted versatile twine brush you’ll truly wiggle round within the vent attempt to loosen and take away stuff.
  • A Vacuum Cleaner: You’ll be making somewhat a multitude, so it’ll pay to have a vacuum available not to most effective blank up the lint from the ground however vacuum the lint entice and ducts.
  • Screwdrivers: Chances are you’ll desire a screwdriver to unclamp the duct, and also you’ll without a doubt desire a screwdriver if you happen to open up the dryer to deep blank the blower.
  • Foil Tape: On your dryer vent you want right kind foil tape, now not duct tape. Handiest foil tape is correctly rated to be used at the scorching dryer vent.

Armed with the correct gear, the duty will probably be a breeze.

Blank the Lint Entice and Entice Housing

First, the straightforward step. Take away the lint entice from the dryer and eliminate any lint accrued on it if provide. Use the small vent brush to succeed in into the lint entice housing and break away any accrued lint. Stay the vacuum available to suck it up as you bust it unfastened.

If you wish to cross the additional mile right here (particularly if, after shining a flashlight into the entice housing it seems that such as you’re now not making headway with the small vent brush), you might need to blank the entice housing and blower meeting from the interior out. To take action, you’ll wish to glance up a carrier handbook in your explicit fashion dryer, take away a panel (or doubtlessly the entire housing) of the dryer and get admission to the entice housing. On my Whirlpool dryer, this is so simple as unscrewing a couple of sheet steel screws at the entrance of the unit after which a couple of screws at the entice housing, however your revel in would possibly range considerably right here, and you’ll skip this step if the use of the odor vent brush seems to have wiped clean out the entice housing sufficiently.

Blank the Vent Itself

Person vacuuming out a dryer vent with a vacuum
Benjamin Clapp/Shutterstock

After getting to the dryer frame, unplug the dryer and pull it gently clear of the wall to realize get admission to to the rear of the application. Transfer the dryer simply a ways sufficient so you’ll get to the again of it to unplug the ability twine and disconnect the vent. For those who transfer the dryer too a ways with out disconnecting the vent, you’ll bend the inflexible tubing. Don’t have inflexible tubing at the back of your dryer? That’s less than code nowadays in maximum locales and a substantial hearth danger (all dryers must have inflexible steel exhaust vents and now not versatile vinyl or foil tubing)—change your versatile tubing with inflexible tubing instantly.

With the dryer disconnected from the vent, take your dryer vent brush and start feeding it slowly into the tube such that the massive brush head is shifting from inside of the home against the outside vent. Handiest flip the comb clockwise (as turning it counter-clockwise will loosen the threading at the rod segments and result in the comb getting caught in within the vent). Paintings it from side to side throughout the vent slowly to get a divorce the lint buildup, blank the vent partitions, and push the lint out.

Use your vacuum to wash up the expelled lint and vacuum out each the vent connection at the again of the dyer and the portion of the dryer vent tubing you’ll learn with the vacuum.

Reconnect the dryer to the vent tubing and seal any parts of the tubing that have been disconnected the use of the foil tape. Run the dryer for a couple of mins to blow out any free lint. Now is an ideal time to inspect the dryer vent for leaks. Whilst you’ll dangle your hand close to any taped joints within the dryer vent to test for air leaks, it’s so much quicker to puff some child powder or chalk mud close to the joints to peer if air is blowing out. Retape any leaking joints to verify the dryer vents utterly outdoor your own home.

That’s all it takes. It’s dusty, you’ll be grossed out via how a lot lint is in there (yearly, with out fail, I do know I’m), and it’ll kill an hour or two of your weekend… however you’ll have a cheerful drier and a radically lowered menace of a fireplace breaking out for your laundry room.

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