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Cockpit coffee spillage forces transatlantic flight diversion

A espresso spillage within the cockpit of a aircraft flying over the Atlantic compelled the airplane to be diverted to Eire.

The recent liquid broken an audio keep watch over panel, developing “vital conversation problem” for the pilots flying the Condor airplane, in keeping with an coincidence document.

The spilt additionally produced burning odor and smoke, the Air Injuries Investigation Department (AAIB) mentioned.

No accidents have been reported amongst any of the 326 passengers and 11 team contributors on board.

The console from the cockpit of a Airbus A330 showing the Audio Control Panels (ACPs) which were damaged by spilt coffee
The console from the cockpit of an Airbus A330 appearing the audio keep watch over panel broken through spilt espresso

The incident happened on 6 February and compelled the Airbus A330 flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Cancun, Mexico to show again and land in Shannon.

The document mentioned that the 49-year-old captain had positioned his espresso cup on a tray desk, the place gadgets are “prone to being knocked over”, in spite of Airbus recommending pilots use the cup holders supplied.

The AAIB famous that, for the reason that cups are small, holders make it tricky for someone to snatch them. On the other hand, striking a lid at the cup can have decreased the quantity of espresso spilled.

Following the coincidence, Condor is making sure cup lids are supplied on all flights and has reminded pilots to watch out with liquids and supplying cups which might be an acceptable dimension for cup holders.

The Civil Aviation Authority estimates the price of a diversion at between £10,000 and £80,000 relying at the dimension of the airplane and the place it diverts to.

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