Control's AWE DLC Is Definitely Teasing Alan Wake 2

Word: This publish spoils one of the crucial tale issues of Keep watch over’s AWE DLC. If you happen to’d moderately revel in the ones moments within the DLC, dangle off on studying this till after you might be completed.

The oldsters at Treatment Leisure had been beautiful transparent over time that they’d truly love to proceed the tale of 2010’s Alan Wake. Regardless of two DLC additions and a smaller, combat-focused pseudo-sequel, there is been no solution to the tale of the titular creator, who ended the unique recreation trapped via an evil supernatural entity known as the Darkish Presence.

There are connections to Alan Wake in different Treatment video games, however up till now, we have handiest gotten them as Easter eggs and hints. However Keep watch over’s ultimate DLC addition, AWE, may be very interested by tying the sector of Alan Wake to the sector of Keep watch over. And the top of the DLC makes it very transparent: We are headed again to Vivid Falls at some point to proceed Alan Wake’s tale.

The AWE DLC sees Wake the use of his talent to vary actuality thru his writing to ship a message to Keep watch over protagonist Jesse Faden, which directs her to the up to now sealed and unknown Investigations Sector. There, we see the belief of one of the crucial putting tale threads of Alan Wake–the destiny of Dr. Emil Hartman, the psychiatrist who attempted to know and make the most of the reality-bending powers of Cauldron Lake and artists together with Wake, the Anderson brothers, and Thomas Zane. In Alan Wake, Hartman will get nabbed via the Darkish Presence, however it sounds as if survived the run-in. What took place to him after that was once somewhat hazy, and Keep watch over fills it in: He become a large gross monster and were given locked within the Oldest Area.

Jesse’s giant objective is removing Hartman sooner than he can get unfastened and homicide everybody within the Federal Bureau of Keep watch over, and alongside the best way, she uncovers a number of lore tidbits about him, Alan, and Alice Wake, Alan’s spouse. In contrast to the remainder of Keep watch over, there is no longer truly a lot to destroy there, even on the finish of the DLC. The general moments of the tale of AWE are extra of a teaser for the longer term than a conclusion of what we have noticed up to now.

After putting off Hartman, Jesse and Langdon, the man answerable for the FBC’s Panopticon space that comprises and displays all its supernaturally alive Altered Pieces, obtain a message within the Investigations Sector. It suggests that there is some roughly new Altered International Tournament going on in Vivid Falls, Washington–the environment of Alan Wake. Vivid Falls is the positioning of a minimum of two other previous AWEs, with one within the 1970s and any other in 2010, which is the tale of Alan Wake. Because of this, the FBC has had a tracking station within the the city for years. The message is coming from that station, however this is the bizarre factor: The sign says the development is occurring years at some point. And as a result of the lockdown, the Bureau should not be ready to obtain a sign in any respect.

We see Alan in the Oceanview Motel, speaking with a double of himself that claims to be Thomas Zane. It's a whole thing.
We see Alan within the Oceanview Motel, talking with a double of himself that says to be Thomas Zane. It is a complete factor.

There may be additionally some telling discussion from Wake himself, which implies an reason for what this entire Hartman hunt is truly about. Wake will get involved with Jesse as a result of he “wishes a hero.” The implication is that AWE is a try-out for Jesse and that Wake is making plans to write down her into the tale that can in any case save him from the Darkish Position 10 years after the occasions of Alan Wake put him there. The final discussion he has appears like Wake’s subsequent step might be to write down Jesse into his tale.

We additionally get some implication in all this that the occasions of Keep watch over are in reality Wake’s creation–he’s the use of his talent to vary actuality thru his writing to create the sector of Keep watch over, in particular to then create a approach to save himself. Whether or not that implies Jesse is a introduction of Wake, simply being pushed via him, or simply intersecting along with his tale now, on the other hand, is unclear.

Altogether, the sign citing a Vivid Falls match going down a pair years at some point truly appears like Treatment pointedly pronouncing Alan Wake 2, or some variation thereof, is on its approach, almost certainly losing in or round 2022. It may additionally be that Keep watch over 2 and Alan Wake 2 are one and the similar. However we all know from a weblog publish from Treatment inventive director Sam Lake that AWE is handiest the start and that the studio is operating on any other recreation within the shared universe. It truly appears like the top of AWE has simply showed what we will be expecting: the belief, or a minimum of continuation, of Alan Wake’s tale, greater than 10 years later.

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