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as Reference

writing a handbook, all the time remember the fact that this is a reference paintings.
Virtually no person reads the handbook sooner than they play the sport. As an alternative,
avid gamers play first then discuss with the handbook as they come upon complicated
scenarios. Some other people take a look at the contents first, others the index,
however sooner or later all get started flipping throughout the pages, on the lookout for
a well-known display shot, time period or bankruptcy heading.

Just right
manuals are designed to make reference more uncomplicated. Dangerous manuals implicitly
suppose the reader will get started at the start, learn the entire
handbook, after which play the sport. The biggest reason behind needless manuals
is over-linear writing that buries what the gamer desires in never-ending
pages of dense textual content, then calls for the reader wade through it sooner than
the rest is intelligible.


When writing the handbook, believe a gamer flipping throughout the
booklet, on the lookout for the precise display, keep an eye on or idea.
The extra visible “reference issues” you supply, the speedier they
can “house in” and get what they want.

screen-shots with call-outs:
This implies an image of the display
with each and every section obviously categorised. labels must be outdoor the image,
with strains or arrows pointing to the suitable display space.
Labels superimposed at the image difficult to understand the contents beneath,
and are simply flawed for on-screen graphics!

instance, the incessantly superb Railroad Wealthy person II handbook
has dozens of display photographs, however just one with a label, and that
a trifling 4 letter code throughout the image! This reasons over the top
verbosity in display descriptions, as person graphics and icons
are described in painful element. Moreover, the loss of call-outs
made it east to omit helpful data, such because the Oil, Sand
and Water gauges at the Software Panel at the educate element Display screen
(to retain the unlucky capitalizations used there). Worst
of all, the call-outs that did seem are meaningless letter codes,
quite than in an instant helpful phrases or words.

the opposite hand, Jane’s F-15, one of the crucial difficult
flight simulators ever made, has display photographs with call-outs each and every
2nd or 3rd web page. With those, mere mortals have some likelihood
of mastering avionics way more difficult than the rest in RRT2.

recreation manuals characteristic a bounty of screenshots, with many callouts
indicating the serve as of quite a lot of on-screen signs.

Console video games with usual controllers all the time
get pleasure from a “controller diagram web page” with call-outs to each and every
button and keep an eye on tool. Console recreation licensors usually supply
usual variations of this representation. Maximum require manuals use
their usual phrases for each and every button or keep an eye on tool, which
promotes simple popularity and figuring out.

video games have a mouse and keyboard. Preferably, a well-designed Home windows
9x recreation has each and every motion to be had via mouse keep an eye on. This
way it may be illustrated with a menu, conversation, or button, even
if a display shot is unavailable or beside the point. Sadly,
many recreation designers are nonetheless caught within the DOS mentality of keyboard-only
inputs. Such video games call for a fold-out keyboard diagram, whilst mouse-
succesful video games with complete praise of keyboard shortcuts additionally
get pleasure from a separate keyboard diagram.

the Portions:

Running Directions, Hints and Background Knowledge

questions or issues incessantly contain function one thing
or interpret a display. Later and one at a time, trustworthy fanatics search
background or knowledge that is helping them to be extra a hit. Subsequently,
a well-organized handbook must separate data into 3
distinct sections: running directions, hints & background,
and in spite of everything knowledge (in most cases knowledge tables).

writers in finding it extra handy to put the hints, tips,
background, and knowledge along running directions. Sadly,
this merely conceals vital elementary data amid thickets
of prose. Keep in mind, the preliminary questions of maximum avid gamers contain
running directions. Maintaining those in a single position, uncluttered
and succinct, is easily well worth the effort.

compact manuals, hanging running directions proper on the entrance
is ceaselessly the most efficient coverage. One admirable manner in its utter
simplicity used to be Tomb Raider II‘s one-page checklist of the sport
controls, positioned proper after the desk of contents. The authors
rightly assumed that this “cheat sheet” of controls would resolution
maximum questions.

difficult recreation manuals (tomes), maximum authors cannot face up to the
temptation to offer background data at the side of the controls.
They know avid gamers will need recommendation and lend a hand, and so they know the
builders/publishers wish to rationalize positive choices. The
temptation to with ease combine all of it in combination can appear impossible to resist.
Smartly, face up to it. Such combos complicate a gamer’s referencing,
which makes an advanced recreation appear that a lot more complicated.

directions will have to be transparent and to the purpose. Data is more uncomplicated
to reference when it’s well tagged, described and categorised.
For instance, in a struggle jet flight simulator, descriptions of
the multi-mode radar gadget may also be dauntingly complicated. The most efficient
resolution is display photographs with call-outs to start out the running
directions, then an outline for each and every call-out, then an outline
of what each and every appropriate keep an eye on does on that display. Although many
modes proportion the similar keep an eye on, it’s best to checklist each and every appropriate
keep an eye on so the person understands what might be finished. To steer clear of too
a lot redundancy, the keep an eye on description might be transient, with
a connection with every other web page for main points.

explanations of bar scans, refresh charges, and different digital
ideas don’t belong within the running directions. Those must
be positioned within the background & hints phase, the place the participant
can take Radar Programs 101 at their recreational. Naturally, the running
directions will reference this phase, so the participant who in point of fact
desires to know extra is aware of the place to seem.

In the end,
neither of the above is the place the sport must checklist which radars
are by which form of airplane, or their technical specs.
All that is present in tables inside the knowledge phase.

Some of the perplexing issues in handbook writing is the place
to put recreation regulations. This is, details about how the sport works
within (i.e., inside the device). Usually, interior operation
must be left to the background & hints and knowledge sections. Alas,
every now and then interior regulations trade how controls paintings, and even disable
some whilst invoking others. On this case, a short lived point out of the
rule is suitable, ceaselessly with a reference for more info.

instance, the next can be suitable in a method wargame.
“You can not make a selection Fireplace if the unit has no ammo (see Ammo Indicator
on web page 21, and logistics: Ammo on web page 187, and Ammo Load Tables
on web page 205 for main points).” Realize display call-out used to be referenced,
in addition to background and knowledge tables.

some circumstances a reliable description of recreation operation calls for a
regulations clarification at that time. A commonplace instance is startup and
configuration choices. The person desires the handbook to inform him precisely
what happens in each and every choice. It’s extra good to oblige him,
quite than make all of the phase a chain of references to
pages in a “Background & Hints” phase.


Throughout the running directions a part of a handbook, one of the best ways
to prepare the fabric is procedurally. This is, the monitors
and controls first encountered through the gamer seem first, adopted
through the following monitors and controls, and so forth. The ones observed closing, or very
every so often, must be on the finish of the running directions

number one exception is compact manuals. Right here the gamer is also higher
served through a right away presentation of the display with call-outs,
and/or a controller with call-outs. Startup choices and different
esoteric main points can apply.

vs. Examples

cardinal rule in running directions is that any instance will have to
explain a overall rule, however by no means be a overall rule. Lazy writers
ceaselessly use examples to provide an idea or running process.
Sadly, when the gamer appears up the idea that, they will have to
plow through all of the instance, then attempt to infer the overall
reality that would possibly practice to their case. Rule via instance very much
complicates the reference process, whilst an beside the point instance
yields not anything however a hopeless puzzle.

a brief, transparent, general-purpose clarification to each and every display part
and each and every keep an eye on is a non-trivial process. Given the fast time and
small budget allotted to maximum manuals, it’s sudden that so
many do a just right activity.

Indispensable Index

A just right index is needed for any just right handbook. Although avid gamers get started
through flipping pages, frustration might sooner or later ship them to the
index. The most efficient indexes are all the time create through people. Moreover,
it’s in point of fact relatively simple.

create a just right index, learn throughout the handbook from begin to finish.
Each and every time a game-specific time period seems, write it down with the
web page quantity. Each and every time a recreation idea is described, write it
down with the web page quantity. in a similar way notice each and every display name,
each and every important choice on each and every menu, and each and every serve as with
a distinct conversation or window. When doubtful, upload an access. When
you are finished, alphabetize the checklist and mix all entries for
the similar phrase into that phrase point out adopted through the entire web page
numbers. In case your phrase processor cannot alphabetize, import the
document to a spreadsheet, which is able to type entries alphabetically.

indexing may also be supplemented through indexing device. If that is
to be had, use it later on to catch references and extra
indexing phrases. Sadly, indexing device is not good sufficient
to come across ideas in addition to phrases, because the device is not
looking to perceive the textual content. Because of this, indexing device
an be a false crutch if used sooner than you create one via studying.

are easiest finished after the graphic arts individual or staff has arrange
the handbook the usage of desktop publishing device. Makes an attempt to construct
indexes early, with hidden hyperlinks inside the phrase processor, invariably
take extra time than they save. At the different had, a game-specific
taste information is usually a gold mine of index subject matter (see Taste Guides,
beneath, for main points).


A sidebar is a brief, self-contained article, ceaselessly accompanied
through a unmarried image or representation, that looks subsequent to the
outdoor margin of the web page. On slender pages they every now and then seem
on the backside or best, as an alternative of alongside the facet. Pioneered through
new magazines within the 1970s, sidebars had been designed to provide
fascinating ancillary data that relieves visible boredom
in lengthy textual content articles. They supply each a visible and highbrow
“trade of tempo.” Sidebars paintings poorly on pages with huge
illustrations, reminiscent of monitors with call-outs.

the running directions phase, sidebars are most efficient
in presenting a bigger instance of play, particularly examples accompanied
through an indication.

the “Background”, “Hints” and “Knowledge”
sections, sidebars in most cases include incidental bits of historic
hobby, strange details, and even sections of quick fiction that enhance
the sport surroundings. For instance, an RPG handbook would possibly have a
sequence of sidebars, each and every with a unique access shape a fictional
adventurer’s magazine. The Railroad Wealthy person II handbook has
a unique, dated historic tidbit in each and every sidebar, with one
on each and every web page excluding bankruptcy begins.

Boilerplate Textual content to Come with

Each and every
recreation will have to come with positive prison statements referring to copyrights
and logos. As well as, virtually each and every respected writer
features a prison remark about phrases of use. Regularly that is the
notorious “guaranty.” Studying the fantastic print, you find its
actual objective is to forestall the person from presuming that any guaranty,
implied or precise, in point of fact exists!

just right handbook author allocates suitable places for those fabrics,
or in reality paste in the newest textual content, relying at the writer’s
desire. Additionally take into accout to insert proper trademark and copyright
statements in the suitable spots, in most cases at the entrance and
again of the name web page. Except in particular informed, don’t be expecting
the writer to robotically insert prison fabrics. Keep in mind,
if the writer forgets, they invariably blame the creator.

recreation credit must seem within the handbook until writer insurance policies
save you it. The most efficient location is close to the again, after any design
notes and sooner than the prison boilerplate word list and index. Of
direction, positive egotistical builders and/or publishers might require
the credit up entrance, sooner than or in an instant after the desk of

Instance of Tome Group

a handbook, particularly a tome, is more uncomplicated in case you get started shape a well-tested
trend. The next overall define must serve maximum journey,
RPG, simulation and technique video games for PCs:

  1. Identify
    Web page
  2. Desk
    of Contents
  3. Creation

    (If the writer calls for up-front hype for the sport)
  4. Educational

    (Preferably designed to accompany a device instructional)
  5. Recreation Operation

    1. Recreation
      Startup & Preliminary Choices

      (Describes what each and every choice way or does)
    2. Recreation

      (Subdivide through monitors or ideas as suitable)
    3. Recreation

      (Particularly distinctive post-action monitors and/or choices)
  6. Background

    (In sections suitable to the subject material)

    (Details about quite a lot of interior recreation regulations and good judgment) (Hints
    about just right play, methods, ways, and so forth.)

    (Historic background or fictional storylines)
  7. Recreation Knowledge

    (Charts and tables of interior knowledge helpful to avid gamers) (Equations
    or formulae that would possibly lend a hand avid gamers)
  8. Clothier’s

    (A brief historical past of the sport’s building)
  9. Credit
  10. Felony

    (Warranties, and so forth.)
  11. Word list
  12. Index

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