Equilibrium Announces Innovative Governance Token Swap as the DeFi Platform Expands to the Polkadot Ecosystem

Equilibrium will carry their new governance token to the Polkadot community, incentivizing holders to take part in a token switch that can open the cross-chain DeFi platform’s wealthy options to a good wider consumer base. 

Equilibrium, the staff in the back of the biggest EOS-based stablecoin, is saying that its governance token NUT (Local Software Token) can be prolonged to their not too long ago introduced Polkadot founded platform by means of an non-compulsory token switch. The token switch will incentivize present customers to take a look at out the brand new Polkadot-based platform and can happen on August 31st and run for 30 days, finishing on September 29th.

Being a player of the Substrate Developers Program (this system introduced by means of Parity, the improvement corporate in the back of Web3 and Polkadot, to give a boost to the most efficient groups construction on Substrate in Trade Construction, Advertising and Technical Enhance), Equilibrium will paintings intently with Polkadot to improve/develop the ecosystem whilst creating all the DeFi business as a complete by means of providing pooled lending, artificial asset control, and leveraged buying and selling to the customers of BTC, ETH, BNB, XTZ, and many others.

To facilitate the tokenomics of the brand new platform, EQ token is presented because the core asset of the Equilibrium. EQ token allows decentralized governance of Equilibrium, it’s used all over the machine for product charges, bailsmen rewards, and transaction charges at the Equilibrium substrate.

The EQ tokens provides the next main utilities:

  1. Transaction and Product charges – Customers pay transaction charges and product charges in EQ tokens within Equilibrium blockchain.
  2. Staking and Governance – EQ holders will obtain rewards coming from token inflation on EQ tokens staked to Equilibrium’s governance when Equilibrium migrates to NPoS consensus consistent with its roadmap to decentralization. Projected inflation can be round 2.five% a yr.
  3. Bail liquidity provisioning – Liquidity suppliers can earn yield in EQ tokens on securing loans within the machine by means of locking Property together with EQ tokens in Equilibrium’s liquidity pool.

In comparison to NUT, EQ brings further utilities to the holders throughout all facets.



Equilibrium’s Leading edge swapping mechanism

With the whole provide of 120,000,000 EQ tokens, Equilibrium is allocating 25% of the whole EQ provide for a NUT switch.

All the way through the primary five days of the Change, retail NUT holders will be capable of change their tokens for the brand new Equilibrium application token (EQ) at a charge of one NUT to 100 EQ. After the preliminary five days, the switch charge will progressively lower, after all attaining 1:75 after 25 days. The switch will finish after 30 days.

After that, each the NUT token (EOS) and EQ token (Polkadot) will co-exist in parallel, as Equilibrium will permit customers of each the EOS and Polkadot ecosystems to benefit from the platform’s core options, bringing much more cross-chain capability to the DeFi house.




Preliminary Parachain Choices (IPO)

Additional Equilibrium plans EQ distribution even though the Preliminary Parachain Providing (IPO) that can happen in Q1 2021.

All the way through the parachain public sale, Polkadot’s token holders can be presented to fasten their DOT’s to bid for a fit in change to EQ tokens that can be dispensed as rewards to DOT homeowners who participated within the IPO by means of locking their DOT for a two-year length.


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