FEV Advances Battery Safety

Aachen, Germany, August 2020 – FEV, a pace-setter within the building of battery programs, has evolved a singular simulation and checking out procedure for the optimization of thermal propagation in car battery packs. This procedure is helping decreasing the chance of damage and harm from battery cellular thermal runaway.

Thermal runaway is a key protection facet for hybrid- and electric-vehicles. In January 2021, China will factor the primary thermal propagation law. It calls for no less than 5 mins of caution for passengers earlier than hearth from a thermal tournament extends past the battery or venting gasoline enters the cabin.

FEV Thermal propagation

FEV Thermal propagation

FEV has evolved simulation ways together with a cascaded checking out solution to optimize car battery packs to forestall thermal propagation and the chance of thermal runaway. The corporate has created two fashions for this goal. Multiphysics simulation is used to supply a type to optimize thermal runaway of 1 cellular, propagation between battery cells, and between battery modules. This permits for design optimization and creation of warmth limitations. In parallel, by means of a fluid-based venting gasoline type the design of the venting paths, dimensioning of venting valves and the indication of vital busbar routing within the battery pack are assessed.

Every type is validated additional the usage of bodily check information. This way is according to a step by step validation of cellular to module to pack comparing the thermal propagation habits.

After the validation, the 2 fashions are mixed to create a complete coupled type, containing the thermal battery type, native warmth switch coefficients and fluid/gasoline temperatures from the venting gasoline type. This mixed type can be utilized for much more correct and detailed simulation, which permits for a efficiency overview and number of optimized design parameters and diversifications. After all, the design is examined and validated as a whole battery pack.

“Thermal propagation is a security worry for battery packs,” mentioned Professor Stefan Pischinger, President & CEO, FEV Team. “We’re proud to paved the way within the building of simulation approaches to deal with thermal propagation early within the building procedure.”

Please learn the total press free up right here: https://bit.ly/2EbniRh

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