Final Fantasy XVI Graphics Are Still Being Worked On, Teaser Site Will Open In October

Nanas13h in the past(Edited 13h in the past)

There is simply no successful right here. Every time they unlock a pre-rendered CGI trailer, other people at all times cross “FAKE!!!!! SHOW US THE REAL GAME!!!!!!!!”. For after they in fact began off appearing realtime photos, and other people simply get started complaining in regards to the graphics taking a look dangerous. The sport would possibly not be out for, what, a minimum of two years? The platforms it is going to be on are not even out but. Why would the graphics be the rest with regards to entire at this level?

I am not positive in regards to the gritty real looking western-style artwork course meshed with the standard FF anime tropes and motion however it is great that they are making an attempt one thing other for as soon as.

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