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Find All of RDR2's Treasure Maps With This Guide

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This web page accommodates Purple Useless Redemption 2’s Treasure Map places and answers. There are recently 11 treasure stashes to seek out during RDR2.

Treasure Maps in Purple Useless 2 display a drawing of a space with steps to succeed in the treasure. You’ll to find maps by yourself or acquire them from treasure hunters around the globe.

The Jack Corridor Gang, a band of outlaws from yesteryear, left their stash of gold someplace in or round New Hanover.

You’ll acquire the primary map on this treasure hunt from Maximo, a treasure hunter you’ll meet after beginning Bankruptcy 2 close to Flatneck Station. He’ll be offering to promote you the map for $five in case you decline, or you’ll kill him and take it off of his frame. If you happen to fail to gather the map from Maximo, it may be bought from a Fence afterward.

The primary map to the Jack Corridor Gang treasure will also be bought from Maximo, a treasure hunter discovered at the ridge overlooking the river north-west of Flatneck Station and north of Bard’s Crossing, for $10.00.

The map depicts Caliban’s Seat, a novel rock formation to the south of Valentine.

Scale the hill at the jap facet to succeed in the highest.

Practice a trail throughout the rocks from the highest.

Transfer alongside the ledge, leaping throughout gaps and mantling over ledges, till you succeed in a big swath of white granite with a small hollow in it.

You’ll be able to to find the treasure – and every other map – inside of.

The second one map to the Jack Corridor gang treasure is located via discovering the stash from the primary Jack Corridor map.

The site depicted within the map is Cotorra Springs, simply east of the dividing line between the E and W Grizzlies in Ambarino. This could also be the site of a Mythical Wolf, so tread cautiously on this house.

Head to the west finish of the springs house, the place you can discover a small circle of distinctive rock formations.

The treasure stash is within the central stack of rocks.

Map quantity 3 leads you to the lake at O’Creagh’s Run, simply north of 3 Sisters within the Grizzlies East area of Ambarino.

To get there, head immediately north into the hills from Emerald Ranch.

You’ll be able to to find the group’s treasure – two gold bars – underneath a rock at the small rocky island in the midst of the lake.

The Top Stakes treasure will also be began both right through a random come upon out on the earth, or later via buying a map from a fence if the participant has neglected the random come upon sufficient occasions.

To seek out the primary of the Top Stakes treasure maps, you can want to stay an eye fixed out for an older treasure hunter.

He may not willingly surrender his map, so you can want to both rob him at gunpoint, kill, or hogtie after which loot him. If the ones do not suit your fancy, simply run into him exhausting sufficient and he’s going to drop the map.

We have had the most efficient success recognizing him on the best of a giant rock to the north-east of Riggs Station, regardless that he too can seem in quite a lot of places between Strawberry and Valentine.

As soon as you have amassed the map, you can to find the primary treasure stash at Cumberland Falls, west of Valentine.

Way the bottom of the falls from the west, then swim throughout to the rocks at the south facet of the falls.

You’ll be able to discover a fallen tree means that you can stand up to the facet of the waterfall – climb up in the back of the falls to gather the stash and the following map.

The second one Top Stakes Treasure Map will lead you north, into the Grizzlies West.

This treasure stash is positioned above the frozen water of Barrow Lagoon, between Lake Isabelle and Widow Rock.

Head down onto the frozen lake and search for a tree bridging the ice-coated island and the rocky banks of the lagoon.

You’ll be able to to find the treasure and the following map stashed within the knot of the log bridge.

This ultimate Top Stakes map will take you with reference to Castle Wallace.

It is at the huge rock formation immediately subsequent to Toes Wallace to the north-east.

Journey alongside the trail main east across the entrance of the fortress, then veer off to journey up the hill at the bottom of the massive rock face.

On the best you can discover a trail main down between the 2 peaks of the rock. Practice it right down to the cliff facet under and switch left.

Practice the ledge after which proceed up the skinny ramp that rises forward of you, crouching to make your method across the nook.

There is a slight drop forward of you – soar down, then flip round and drop to the following ledge down.

Leap throughout to the following ledge and crouch underneath the low overhang – you can to find 3 gold bars stashed within the rocks on the finish of the overhang.

The Toxic Path is a novel set of treasure maps in that you can’t purchase the starter map any place, nor will someone let you know about it. As an alternative, you’ll have to bump into it within the wasteland, requiring you to adventure around the lands in Learn Useless 2.

Toxic Path Map 1[edit]

To find the primary map, head as much as the West Grizzles the place Bankruptcy 1 of the sport happened, and head southeast from town of Colter you had been holed up in to the small Cairn Lake.

Input the Cairn Lake Resort, and glance underneath the mattress for a lock field you’ll loot – which is able to comprise the Toxic Path Map 1.

The Map options an iconic taking a look rock face that appears like a head, with a trail resulting in the proper winding previous timber to the treasure.

You’ll be able to to find this geographical characteristic within the state of Lemoyne, North of Rhodes, and North of the Hill Haven Ranch alongside the street up within the Scarlett Meadows.

Search for the Face Rock at the left facet of the street as you move northwest of Hill Haven Ranch.

Seek the advice of the map and move appropriate from the rock face previous a tree and down a slope.

Right here you are going to see a withered tree trunk, and a fallen log in the back of it.

Seek in the back of the withered tree trunk to discover a hollow on the base which you’ll check up on to seek out the following map piece.

Toxic Path Map 2[edit]

Upon discovering the treasure map on the Face Rock in Scarlett Meadows, you are going to have your subsequent clue. The map will characteristic a snake-like formation, and a mound with rocks the place the treasure is positioned.

You’ll to find this geoglyph in decrease Roanoke Ridge in New Hanover, simply to the west of the Van Horn Buying and selling Submit alongside the decrease street going against the Kamassa River.

Midway alongside the street to the river previous the teach tracks, head south up the hill to seek out an deserted tower you’ll climb.

On the best, glance down at the hillside to identify the geoglyph of the snake, which Arthur will attract his magazine.

On the best of the hill is the round finish of the snake with a rocky mound within the center.

Climb down into the mound and check up on the outlet to get the following treasure map.

Toxic Path Map three[edit]

The general map you to find on the Snake Geoglyph issues to the site of treasure in a hidden cave. The map depicts a waterfall with a passage in the back of it, and a secret tunnel off to the proper resulting in treasure.

Transfer north of the Snake Geoglyph as much as the Elysian Pool in New Hanover’s central Roanoke Ridge.

On the north finish of the pool the place the river empties out you are going to to find a big waterfall.

Go away your horse in the back of and soar headfirst into the waterfall, the place you can discover a secret passage into a big cave machine at the different facet.

As you progress deeper previous the preliminary cave tunnel, forget about the remainder of the cave at the map, and glance down at the appropriate within the first huge hall for a small slope right down to a pit.

On the backside of the pit, test the wall at the appropriate for a small hollow to move slowly via into a brand new house.

The following phase has a crossroads with two paths – and via consulting your map you can to find that going appropriate is the proper selection. You’ll additionally to find an deserted campsite right here with a lock field that holds some valuables.

Shifting previous the campsite, you can pop out onto a ledge. Glance to the left together with your lantern to discover a pit under you, and a decrease ledge at the left that you simply should run to (faucet the run button to construct pace) after which soar throughout to land safely.

After touchdown at the decrease ledge, search for an extended slope at the different facet to fall right down to a lifeless finish with some water, and a pile of rocks at the left.

Climb up and check up on the massive rock pile to seek out eventually the treasure of The Toxic Path – four Gold Bars, which promote for $500 a work at your native Fence!

The Purple Useless Redemption 2 Torn Treasure Maps are used to seek out the uncommon Otis Miller’s Revolver.

To assemble and use the Torn Treasure Maps you’ll have to find and kill two distinctive Hermits that may be discovered on the earth of Purple Useless Redemption II. Each and every one accommodates one part of a treasure map that can result in the original pistol Otis Miller’s Revolver.

The order wherein you accumulate the map halves does no longer subject. It’ll have an effect on which map part is called “Torn Treasure Map 1” and “Torn Treasure Map 2” regardless that.

Spoiler Caution: You can’t get the treasure maps lead till after the Epilogue. Whilst you’ll get the map itself prior to then, it’s best to only accumulate all of it on the finish of the sport. Photographs would possibly comprise tale spoilers.

The Male Hermit is located at the a long way jap facet of the map, north of town Annesburg. Alongside the right-hand street north of Annesburg is Manito Glade. There you are going to to find the hermit’s house surrounded via a fence and “Stay Out” indicators.

While you way, he’s going to shout at you and threaten to shoot at you. Kill him so that you could input the house and accumulate the original shotgun merely referred to as the Uncommon Shotgun. You should pick out it up now, or you are going to no longer be capable to accumulate it later. One part of the Torn Treasure Map is inside of the home inside of a drawer.

The Feminine Hermit is located at the western facet of West Elizabeth. Her house is a long way northwest of Wallace Station. Practice Little Creek River into the mountains and her house is within the woods off to the proper.

She’s going to in poor health her 3 canine upon you while you get with reference to her house. Kill all 3 of them and the hermit herself so you could safely accumulate the part of the Torn Treasure Map. The map piece is inside of the home inside of a drawer.

The 2 map halves will make the entire treasure map, pictured under.

If you accumulate each halves of the Torn Treasure Map, head right down to town of Armadillo. Northwest of town alongside the state line close to Rattlesnake Hole, you are going to discover a small cave front.

Within the cave is Otis Miller’s treasure. Open it as much as accumulate the uncommon Otis Miller’s Revolver, in addition to six “erotic pictures.”

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