Full text: T Bone Burnett rips Big Tech “surveillance capitalists” in blistering SXSW keynote

I’m going to start out as of late with a quote from Marshall McLuhan from his 1962e-book, The Gutenberg Galaxy:

“As an alternative of tending towards an unlimited Alexandrian library the sector has turn into a pc, an digital mind, precisely as an childish piece of science fiction. And as our senses have long gone outdoor us, Giant Brother is going within.”

I wish to come to you as of late with a message of solidarity and love and peace, and I will be able to attempt to get there through the top, however I’ve to start out through pointing out a proven fact that will have to be changing into glaring to the general public through now- the truth that we’re in a fight, a fight for the survival of our species, and our enemy, is inside.

3 weeks in the past in a landmark file on disinformation and pretend information, the British parliament mentioned that Fb and different large tech corporations “will have to be topic to a mandatory code of ethics to take on … the abuse of customers’ information and the bullying of smaller companies.”

The file says, “Firms like Fb will have to no longer be allowed to act like ‘virtual gangsters’ within the on-line global, taking into account themselves to be forward of and past the regulation.”

The Mum or dad wrote that that is the primary “complete strive of a significant legislative frame to look into the … economic system of knowledge manipulation and voter affect.”

Damian Collins, chair of the parliament’s Virtual, Tradition, Media and Game Committee mentioned, “The guideline of the ‘transfer rapid and wreck issues’ tradition [is] that it’s higher to make an apology than ask permission. We want an intensive shift within the steadiness of energy between the platforms and the folk.”

In The New Yorker’s February 25, 2019 file titled Non-public Mossad for Rent, Uzi Shaya, a former senior Israeli intelligence officer, mentioned, “Social media means that you can achieve nearly any individual and to play with their minds. You’ll do no matter you need. You’ll be whoever you need. It’s a spot the place wars are fought, elections are gained, and terror is promoted. There aren’t any laws. This is a no guy’s land.”

Marshall McLuhan started his paintings as a follower of the French Catholic idealist thinker, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Teilhard believed that the digital universe was once an extension of our worried techniques and would knit us in combination right into a godhead, which he referred to as “the Omega Level”. McLuhan, additionally a Catholic, began there, however through the top of his lifestyles, he believed that the digital universe was once a “blatant manifestation of the Antichrist”. Devil, he mentioned, “is an overly nice electrical engineer.”

The Web has failed.

Here’s a quote from Tim Berners-Lee, who drew the unique diagram for the all over the world internet on a serviette, and who now has Dr. Frankenstein’s regret.

“We demonstrated that the Internet had failed as a substitute of served humanity, because it was once intended to have achieved, and failed in lots of puts. [The Web] has ended up generating—without a planned motion of the individuals who designed the platform—a large-scale emergent phenomenon which is anti-human.”

Because the Web pioneer Ethan Zuckerman of MIT lately wrote, “It’s glaring now that what we did was once a fiasco, so let me remind you that what we would have liked to do was once one thing courageous and noble.”  What they sought after to do was once to create a communique machine that was once decentralized and cooperative. One of the most early networks that Stewart Logo and Ken Kesey constructed was once referred to as the Complete Earth Lectronic Hyperlink. That’s how utopian their aspirations had been. However as of late there’s a rising working out that the web has morphed into an insidious surveillance and propaganda system.

Berners-Lee has mentioned he’s “devastated” through what his introduction has turn into, and he’s running to “re-decentralize” the internet with a brand new task he calls Forged. I sincerely want him the most efficient of success, however from the place I stand, we might do neatly to scrap this primary web project- we will have to get a divorce those promoting platform monopolies, and we will have to get started from scratch to construct an digital communications machine based on laborious and rapid ethics fairly than utopian fantasies.

(Thomas Extra coined the phrase Utopia from two Greek words- eutopia, which supposed a just right position and outopia, which supposed no position in any respect.)

Via now, it’s transparent that what was once begun as a challenge to glue and unite mankind has mutated right into a pernicious distortion system that has disconnected mankind and put us at each and every different’s throats, and in doing so has destroyed and is destroying establishments and data that experience taken centuries to increase.

As my good friend Roger McNamee says, at this level it’s the entire remainder of us towards the 130,000 or so staff of Fb and Google, whose purpose it’s to hybridize us with machines. Ray Kurzweil, Google’s Director of Engineering, predicts that people can be hybrids through the 12 months 2030.  Their objective is to automate us.

To start with of the final century, Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, learned that he may just use his uncle’s concepts- such because the working out that we’re pushed to behave through subconscious impulses- to keep an eye on and manipulate mass tradition.

Initially of the primary global struggle, Bernays was once the click agent for Enrico Caruso, plying the industry that was once then referred to as propaganda. He had run many a hit campaigns, and as america entered the struggle, he labored for Woodrow Wilson to advertise the speculation the we had been combating to not repair the previous empires of Europe, however fairly to “Make the sector secure for democracy.” Via positioning Wilson because the “Liberator of the folk, who would create a brand new global had been the person can be loose”, he was once ready to make Wilson a hero of the hundreds.

The throngs that greeted Wilson upon his arrival on the Paris Peace talks gave Bernays the perception that if this kind of mass manipulation may well be used all over struggle, it may well be used all over peace.

After the struggle, with the Germans giving propaganda a foul identify, Bernays rebranded his observe, opening the Council on Public Members of the family- a word he coined- and started running for more than a few companies together with the American Tobacco Company. On the time there was once a taboo towards ladies smoking and Bernays was once requested to damage that taboo in order that the corporate may just promote extra cigarettes.

All through the 1929 Easter parade round Central Park in New York, Bernays organized for a gaggle of debutantes to cover cigarettes underneath their garments and, at an organized nook, pull out and light-weight what he referred to as “Torches of Freedom”. Having notified the global press of the development, there have been rankings of photographers- together with ones employed through Bernays- at that nook, and the photographs went out all over the place the sector. In that one symbolic act, he was once ready to hyperlink a lady’s proper to smoke with a lady’s proper to vote- with the Ladies’s Liberation Motion. He related a lady smoking a cigarette with the Statue of Liberty. The ones images snappedthe global.
This devious procedure has now been mechanized and automatic.
Till England lately joined the fray, Germany were main the sector at the excessive risks of the Fb and Google monopolies, as a result of Germany within the 1920’s, was once the primary nation to fall right into a propaganda created mass hypnosis. The Germans have felt it.
Historian Robert Ensor wrote on the time that “Hitler places no prohibit on what can also be achieved through propaganda; humans will consider anything else, supplied they’re informed it ceaselessly sufficient and emphatically sufficient, and that contradicters are both silenced or smothered in calumny.”

This, in fact, is all too acquainted.

To stick human, to live to tell the tale as a species, we need to wrest our communications out of the keep an eye on of the lust for energy, the avarice, larceny, hubris, deceit and self-delusion of the heads of Google and Fb.

I’m assured that we will be able to do that. Six years in the past my good friend Jon Taplin, and I spoke at a convention at MIT. We brought about numerous bother on account of our statement that musicians have the fitting to decide how and the place their tune is sent. The Loose Tradition sect was once in ascendance on campuses then, however issues have modified.

The chronicle of reform actions demonstrates that historical past is made through abrupt transitions. The 1890’s are remembered because the Gilded Age, the place plutocrats like J. P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller asserted keep an eye on over the U.S. economic system and politics. Via 1906, each Rockefeller and Morgan had been being pressured through antitrust regulators to get a divorce their huge holdings. After I gave the keynote deal with on the Americana Tune Competition addressing the issue of the tech monopolies within the fall of 2016, I believed we had been in 1896, no longer 1906.

However as of late, simply 3 years later, we’re, if truth be told, initially of a profound trade in how we view tech monopolies. Since that point, the German led Ecu Union has fined Google 7.7 billion dollars- American- the biggest anti-trust fines in history- for abusing its seek monopoly, the British parliament has picked up the torch, and there’s expanding proof that American politicians and regulators are open to new legislation of those tech monopolies. Inside the subsequent six months the FCC will almost definitely nice Fb billions of bucks for the Cambridge Analytica breach. That is partially since the mounting proof of the damaging position that each Fb and Google performed within the American election of 2016 proved to be one of the crucial number one reasons of Person

One’s so referred to as victory.

However the disaster Fb and Google have created is going method past the election. We have now come to the conclusion that we’ve got entrusted them with our maximum intimate information, and that they don’t seem to be worthy of that have faith. They have got betrayed our have faith through engineering their platforms to be addictive, and through making monumental fortunes selling- monetizing “within the parlance of our instances”, to cite Maude Lebowski- surreptitiously promoting the ones information that we’ve got unknowingly passed over to them free of charge, for not anything.

Stewart Logo is ceaselessly quoted as announcing. “Knowledge desires to be loose.” The opposite part of the citation, all the time left out through the Loose Tradition sect is, “Knowledge desires to be dear, as it’s so treasured. The correct knowledge in the fitting position adjustments your lifestyles.”

I’ve come right here as of late to this proper position to deliver you a proper piece of knowledge.

Your knowledge is terribly treasured.

To comprehend that, all you must do is have a look at the valuations of the firms which have been confiscating your knowledge and making huge fortunes with out repayment to you, the homeowners of that knowledge, corporations that experience as a substitute manipulated you and your folks and households through that knowledge.

If we seek the web we discover that Fb is value someplace round 475 billion .   Google is value about 785 billion, give or take a couple of billion- in combination, a couple of trillion and 1 / 4 .
This- and far, a lot more- is what your collective knowledge is value. In truth, there is not any strategy to put a financial worth on one thing similar to privateness for which the intrinsic worth is immeasurable.

Mark Zuckerberg tells us the age of privateness is over. At Harvard, he began what was once then referred to as Facemash as a spot to charge ladies through their pictures- which were stolen from scholar housing directories- ladies who had been, I’m positive, overjoyed to be rated through the Ivy League incel group. Right here is a part of a textual content dialog between him and certainly one of his pals outlining how he was once making plans to take care of his pageant, the web page Harvard Attach:

FRIEND: so have you made a decision what you will do about the internet sites?

ZUCK: yea i’m going to fuck them

ZUCK: almost definitely within the 12 months

ZUCK: *ear

ZUCK: yea so should you ever want data about any individual at harvard

ZUCK: simply ask

ZUCK: i’ve over 4000 emails, images, addresses, sns

FRIEND: what!? how’d you arrange that one?

ZUCK: humans simply submitted it

ZUCK: i don’t know why

ZUCK: they “have faith me”

ZUCK: dumb fucks

Having been uncovered, he now claims to have grown and adjusted, however through now we have now profound proof that he has no longer, and if truth be told, his lust for energy has made him worse, has made him right into a James Bond villain.
He could also be Zuckerberg, however make no mistake- you’re the mark.

The Fourth Modification to the Charter of america asserts that the fitting of the folk to be safe of their individuals, properties, papers, and results, towards unreasonable searches and seizures, shall no longer be violated.  Smartly, unreasonable searches and seizures are Google and

Fb’s trade fashions.

There are regulations towards telephone tapping, but on the web, all communications are tapped, always, with impunity.

This has been an epic invasion of privateness.

Whilst he buys up the entire properties round his space to give protection to his privateness, neither he nor any of the opposite one dimensional Randian highbrow lightweights in Silicon Valley will get to claim that the age of privateness is over.
It’s time for him and them to get out of our lives, out of our personal lives, out of our commonplace lifestyles.

Theirs is a basic miscalculation. They don’t know the variation between connection and disconnection. They don’t know the variation between knowledge and disinformation. They don’t know the variation between introduction and destruction.

Knowledge does no longer need anything else. We would like knowledge.

However because the tech corporations have made huge fortunes promoting our knowledge, they’ve hidden from us the an important knowledge we wish to live to tell the tale as a species.

Those technologists lack humanity.

This period- an technology marked through a brand new box of economics referred to as Surveillance Capitalism- has been an international revenge of the nerds.

For the ones to whom surveillance capitalism is a brand new time period, here’s Shoshana Zuboff’s definition of that time period from her mighty e-book, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism:

1. A brand new financial order that says human enjoy as loose subject material for hidden business practices of extraction, prediction, and gross sales;
2. A parasitic financial common sense wherein the manufacturing of products and products and services is subordinated to a brand new international structure of behavioral amendment;
three. A rogue mutation of capitalism marked through concentrations of wealth, wisdom, and tool unheard of in human historical past;
eight. An extrapolation of crucial human rights this is perfect understood as a coup from above: an overthrow of the folk’s sovereignty.

The objective of generation is to create potency.

The objective of artwork is to create judgment of right and wrong.

Artwork isn’t environment friendly.

Potency isn’t an characteristic of the great.

Potency can also be environment friendly for just right or evil, however because it has labored out in observe, potency would appear to be a first-rate characteristic of evil.

With out judgment of right and wrong, potency has the potential of apocalyptic evil.

Those surveillance capitalists do not need the moral basis so that you could order society as they’ve presumed to do.

They lack judgment of right and wrong.

I will be able to stick with the artists. Artists comprise the collected wisdom of generations. Artists create judgment of right and wrong. The artists are our most effective hope.
The sciences have failed us. The church buildings have failed us. The politicians have failed us.

I’m right here as of late to strongly inspire all of you artists not to give in to the extraordinary intimidation of a tragic workforce of very wealthy, emotionally and intellectually stunted individuals who threaten to spoil centuries of human enjoy and difficult gained wisdom, who threaten to spoil our race- the one race we have now, the human race- however as a substitute to get up for yourselves, to get up for humanity.

Abraham Lincoln mentioned, “The united states won’t ever be destroyed from the outdoor. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it is going to be as a result of we destroyed ourselves.” Dr Martin Luther King, Jr mentioned, “And one of the crucial nice liabilities of lifestyles is that every one too many of us in finding themselves residing amid an excellent duration of social trade, and but they fail to increase the brand new attitudes, the brand new psychological responses, that the brand new state of affairs calls for. They finally end up sound asleep via a revolution.” We will have to ask ourselves, are we sound asleep during the Surveillance Capitalism Revolution?

Our working out of the Web as a propaganda system fairly than just a benign, ever-flowing supply of knowledge modified in 2016. Jacques Ellul outlined propaganda this fashion, “an interior keep an eye on over the person through a social power, this means that that it deprives him of himself”.
Please recall to mind this communicate as a prayer that we turn into reunited with our selves.

At about the similar time as Bernays was once fusing his uncle’s inventions with propaganda, the Russian psychologist, Ivan Pavlov, started researching the responses of canines to being fed that ended in our working out of conditioned responses.

If the canine can be fed accompanied through the ringing of a bell, quickly the canine would start to salivate simply on the ringing of a bell, if no meals was once provide.

We also are liable to this kind of manipulation.

On social media, the like is the bell ringing.

In 1938, Orson Welles produced a radio play of the HG Wells novel, Warfare of the Worlds, which ended in a countrywide panic that we had been being invaded through extraterrestrial beings (from outer house), demonstrating the ability of media to govern the mass subconscious, or to position it extra obviously, to govern plenty of humans with out their being aware they had been being manipulated. With the mechanized, computerized digital programming functions of as of late, we will be able to see how simple it has turn into to fabricate- for thousands and thousands of credulous people- an alien (no longer from outer house) invasion.
Rush Limbaugh’s upward push paralleled that of Ronald Reagan. Fox Information was once introduced in 1996 and was once in sufficient markets through 2000 to assist elect our boy, George Bush. However the hijacking of social media as a propaganda organ is distinctly other from partisan radio and tv.

Our smartphones are with us each and every waking hour, while tv and radio don’t seem to be frequently ingested in our offices. We test our telephones 150 instances in line with day and fb on my own will get fifty-four mins of our time in line with day.

However large adjustments will occur if we method the issue of monopolization of the Web with honesty, a way of historical past, and a decision to give protection to what all of us agree is necessary: our cultural inheritance. All of us want the get right of entry to to knowledge the Web supplies, however we want so that you could percentage details about ourselves with our pals with out unwittingly supporting a company’s earnings.
Fb and Google will have to be prepared to change their trade fashions to give protection to our privateness and assist 1000’s of artists create a sustainable tradition for the centuries, no longer simply make a couple of device designers billionaires.

Within the 1998 Virtual Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA §512), the telecom giants, AT&T, Verizon, et al, negotiated a legal responsibility protect for copyright infringement referred to as the Protected Harbor Provision, which stipulated that the virtual platforms weren’t liable for the fabric posted on their platforms. This was once an unwisedecision.

Amongst different severe issues, it allowed YouTube to turn into a large infringement system that made tens of billions of bucks for its homeowners whilst returning between not anything and a small fraction of that cash, to the homeowners of the fabric posted on their platform.

It additionally ended in the posting of tens of 1000’s of Isis and Ku Klux Klan recruitment movies, in addition to thriving pedophilia communities with untold 1000’s of pictures and movies of schoolchildren, amongst different horrors.

The Protected Harbor provision must be amended.   Now.

With out the Protected Harbor provision, those Surveillance Capitalists would have to give protection to and shield their platforms, and in doing so, offer protection to and shield us.

If artists don’t want their paintings on YouTube or Fb free of charge, they will have to be capable to report a takedown realize, after which it will turn into the accountability of the platform to dam that content material from ever being uploaded. All of the gear had to make this occur exist already.
2nd, we wish to reform our privateness laws. The EU is taking the lead in this with their Basic Information Privateness Law act (GDPR) which went into impact in early 2018. The U.S. will have to apply the Ecu management in this entrance.

However we additionally will have to remember the fact that the individuals who run Google, Fb, et cetera, are simply initially of a protracted task to switch our global, so this fight has most effective simply begun. Yuval Noah Harari, creator of Sapiens, calls their task Dataism:

“Dataists additional consider that given sufficient biometric information and computing energy, this all-encompassing machine may just perceive people a lot better than we perceive ourselves. As soon as that occurs, people will lose their authority, and humanist practices similar to democratic elections will turn into as out of date as rain dances and flint knives.”

We wish to confront this techno-determinism with actual answers, prior to it’s too overdue. An self sufficient generation has taken over the normal values of all our cultures and rendered the variations amongst them superficial. This has ended in disruptions and schisms in an important portions of our lives- the humanities, training, journalism, politics, and others, however maximum alarmingly, in our selves. Marshall McLuhan mentioned medium surrounds a prior medium and turns the former medium into an artwork shape, as movie did with novels, as tv did with movie, and because the web has now achieved with tv.

In the course of the technological advances of the final century, from radio to movie to tv and now to the all over the world internet, we have now turn into deft on the treacherous processes of programming and conditioning.

As you recognize, programmers make systems, and what they do is named programming. These days, we have now systems and programmers far and wide. The place we as soon as had radio programmers and tv systems, billions of humans now are turning themselves into programmers, and- extra significantly- into systems.

As one results of this programming pandemic, we’re shedding the power to discern truth from fiction.

Every other result’s that enormous segments of our societies are topics of mass hypnosis.

I adopt the pursuit of the answers to those issues of optimism, as a result of I consider within the energy of tune, art work, theater, books, and movies- the ability of art- to switch the sector. Because the author Toni Morrison noticed, “The historical past of artwork, whether or not it’s in tune or written or what have you ever, has all the time been bloody, as a result of dictators and humans in place of job and those who need to keep an eye on and misinform know precisely the individuals who will disturb their plans. And the ones individuals are artists. They’re those that sing the reality. And that’s one thing that society has were given to give protection to.” I do know that courageous and passionate artwork is value protective and is extra than simply click on bait for international promoting monopolies. Artwork isn’t knowledge.

Artwork is above knowledge. Artwork adjustments the entirety.

The final ten years have noticed the wholesale destruction of the ingenious economic system—newshounds, musicians, authors, and filmmakers—wrought through parasitic tech monopolies. The monopolies’ dominance in Synthetic Intelligence will prolong this ingenious destruction to a lot of the carrier economic system, together with transportation, medication, and retail.

There isn’t a unmarried flesh presser in The united states speaking about this and, when the flood of unemployment led to through the Synthetic Intelligence revolution is upon us, we can no longer be in a position. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was once lately quoted as announcing that the robotics and AI revolution would no longer arrive for 100 years. He mentioned, “I believe this is thus far sooner or later—with regards to Synthetic Intelligence taking on American jobs—I believe we’re, like, thus far clear of that that it isn’t even on my radar display screen.”
His radar display screen is clean. In truth, he has no radar display screen. This is an imbecilic commentary.

Mnuchin’s former employer, Goldman Sachs, lately reported that self-driving automobiles may just do away with 300,000 jobs in line with 12 months beginning in 2022. Each side of this argument can’t be true, however we’re forging forward with a imaginative and prescient of an AI universe with virtually no political debate. We all know that is true on account of the deafening silence from the politicians within the final ten years, as 50 p.c of the roles in journalism had been eradicated and revenues at each tune corporations and newspapers fell through 70 p.c. Who was once there to talk for the ingenious staff of the sector?

The firms that may win the AI race would be the corporations which might be already in the leading edge: Google, Fb, and Amazon.  As AI challenge capitalist Kai-Fu Lee lately wrote, “AI is an trade wherein power begets power: The extra information you will have, the simpler your product; the simpler your product, the extra information you’ll be able to acquire; the extra information you’ll be able to acquire, the extra skill you’ll be able to draw in; the extra skill you’ll be able to draw in, the simpler your product.”

Those corporations are already pushing out of tech into different sectors of the economic system, as Amazon’s acquisition of Complete Meals demonstrates. Google’s lifestyles sciences department, Verily, is generating glucose-monitoring touch lenses for diabetics, wrist computer systems that learn diagnostic nanoparticles injected into the blood flow, implantable gadgets that change electric alerts that cross alongside nerves, drugs robots, human augmentation and human mind simulation gadgets. Google’s self sufficient automobile department is already running with Avis to regulate their approaching self-driving automobile fleet. As for Fb’s logo extension plans into video, they lately bid $800 million for the global rights to broadcast Indian Cricket on their platform, most effective to be outbid through Rupert Murdoch’s Megastar India. Those are just the beginning of many projects to increase the tech giants’ applied sciences into many portions of the American economic system.

We want a communications machine that isn’t depending on surveillance advertising and that permits ingenious artists to make the most of the zero-marginal-cost economics of the Internet. I don’t have any phantasm that the prevailing trade buildings of cultural advertising will trade and/or cross away, however we will be able to construct a parallel construction that may receive advantages all creators. The one method this may occur is that if, in Peter Thiel’s “fatal race between politics and generation,” the folk’s voice (politics) wins. The leaders of Google and Fb would possibly appear to a couple like benevolent plutocrats, however, if truth be told, they’re malevolent and with out ethics. On best of that, the time for plutocracy is over.

Neil Postman wrote, “Those that domesticate competence in using a brand new generation turn into an elite workforce which might be granted undeserved authority and status through those that don’t have any such competence.”

Orwell feared that the reality can be hidden from us.

Huxley feared that the reality can be drowned in a sea of irrelevance.

They had been each proper.

We can’t and won’t permit the tyranny of the systems and programmers of those digital philistines to spoil us.

So, working out the lesson of the propagandists that individuals are pushed to behave no longer through knowledge, however fairly through emotion, I pray that this communicate has touched your feelings.

To that finish, I will be able to depart you with two quick poems through Czeslaw Milosz, the primary is You Who Wronged.

You who wronged a easy guy
Bursting into laughter on the crime,
And saved a pack of fools round you
To combine just right and evil, to blur the road,
Despite the fact that everybody bowed down prior to you,
Announcing distinctive feature and knowledge lit your method,
Placing gold medals to your honor,
Happy to have survived every other day,
Don’t really feel secure. The poet recalls.
You’ll kill one, however every other is born.
The phrases are written down, the deed, the date.
And also you’d have achieved higher with a wintry weather crack of dawn,
A rope, and a department bowed underneath your weight.

Now, I’m going to reprogram you. This is Milosz in a greater temper in his poem, Present.

An afternoon so satisfied.
Fog lifted early, I labored within the lawn.
Hummingbirds had been preventing over honeysuckle plant life.
There was once no factor on earth I sought after to own.
I knew no person value envying him.
No matter evil I had suffered, I forgot.
To assume that after I used to be the similar guy didn’t embarrass me.
In my frame I felt no ache.
When straightening up, I noticed the blue sea and sails.
Poetry rings to the top heavens.
We can’t and won’t industry artwork, privateness, and our souls for the banal trivia that the surveillance capitalists be offering us.

In 2012, after we first raised those problems at MIT, no person was once listening. Now, individuals are paying consideration. We’re advancing to raised floor. However the adventure isn’t completed. As Dr. King mentioned, “I would possibly not get there with you, however I consider within the promised land.”

The objective of artwork is to create judgment of right and wrong.

You’re equivalent to the duty.

Thanks, like to you, and would possibly God bless and stay you all the time.

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