Geoff Johns Talks Stargirl's Season 2 Villains at NYCC 2020

The primary season of Stargirl ended with a bang because the JSA took down the vast majority of the Injustice Society, however the ultimate moments of the season hinted on the villains we will see the crew tangling with in long term episodes. Showrunner and Stargirl author Geoff Johns mentioned the ones villains at at a New York Comedian-Con 2020 digital panel for the display to provide us an concept of what is to come back. Spoilers for the top of Season 1 apply.

After Stargirl/Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) and her buddies took down Icicle (Neil Jackson), Brainwave (Christopher James Baker), Dragon King (Nelson Lee) and left Sportsmaster (Neil Hopkins), Tigress (Pleasure Osmanski), Solomon Grundy, and the Gambler (Eric Goins) within the wind, the Dragon King’s daughter Cindy was once all that was once left of the ISA on the finish of season 1. However within the ultimate moments, a shadowy determine seems within the ISA headquarters whilst Cindy Burman (Meg DeLacy) digs an ominous-looking gem out of garage. Those are Season 2’s giant bads: The Colour and Eclipso. We do not know a lot but about how they’re going to determine into long term episodes, however Geoff Johns is worked up to mention the least.

“[Eclipso] is so terrifying; I have at all times liked the nature and also you guys more than likely did somewhat bit of study,” Johns stated to the Stargirl forged participants additionally attending the panel. “However he is an overly other antagonist or villain than the ISA.”

“We are simply beginning to forged him,” Johns persevered. “I have were given those superb designs from [costume designer] LJ Shannon. You recognize what he is gonna seem like, however it is this sort of other, darker, scarier risk. The specter of Cindy’s something, and he or she’s were given the black diamond and we are going to clearly discover that. The object within it, this entity that is trapped–this historic being that feeds off humanity’s personal sins and grief and worry and darkness.”

Johns hinted at one of the vital conflicts that may get up from this persona, explaining that he has a historical past with the unique Wildcat and Dr. Mid-Nite, in addition to the remainder of the JSA, and that it is going to take the display’s characters to “a spot that is going to be tricky for them to discover.”

The Colour is some other risk altogether, and Johns stated that he will be a prime persona in Season 2. The Colour is an immortal that is been round for centuries and keen-eyed audience can have noticed his glasses within the background of the ISA’s mural. We ignored, despite the fact that, that he additionally seemed in Stargirl’s pilot episode as an inky-black hand grabbing the unique Dr. Mid-Nite and pulling him into darkness.

“[That shot from the pilot] is his energy,” Johns defined “Pat (Luke Wilson) will inform Courtney sooner or later that he is essentially the most robust of all of them. And he is very threatening as a result of nobody is aware of precisely what he needs.”

That makes villains like Brainwave and Icicle seem like small fries by means of comparability. Stargirl Season 2 is lately early in manufacturing, however might be a CW unique for its 2d season, in all probability someday in 2021.

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