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Google still thinks people are interested in modular smartphones

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Google seems to have realized little from the demise of Mission Ara, the failure of the LG G5, and the overall apathy against Motorola’s pricey Moto Mods. Patents were found out appearing the corporate’s endured passion in modular telephones, simply when the remainder of the business is popping its consideration to folding smartphones as the following giant software design pattern.

Patents are by no means absolute evidence long term product can be launched to the general public, however they do display any person is considering arduous sufficient internally a couple of era that it must be registered with the government. Google filed for no less than two “Modular Software” patents in past due 2018, which have been printed on the finish of January 2019.

The primary displays a odd “build-it-yourself” smartphone-like software with elements connected to a major chassis the usage of what seem like magnetic contacts or pogo pins. There are separate elements for the display, entrance digital camera, and rear digital camera. Plus, the software can settle for different modules together with any other battery, a health tracker, a special digital camera, extra exterior reminiscence, and even an auxiliary show. It’s no longer transparent what number of of those modules will be capable of be fitted at one time. Modular software ideas, and the few telephones we’ve noticed that offer modular capability, normally simplest settle for one module at a time, and require you to change modules as and once they’re wanted.

google modular smartphone patents 2019 news patent
Google modular software design patent resembles Mission Ara

Every other Google patent for a modular digital software seems to intently resemble Mission Ara, with more than one elements slotting into a major frame, every of which will also be managed in my opinion and no longer simplest during the software’s working machine. Those patents are permutations on a theme, and point out Google has no longer solely given up on making a modular telephone. Mission Ara used to be discontinued in 2016, however no longer prior to we noticed early prototypes of the software, companions have been introduced onboard to make the primary merchandise, and carriers selected to promote the preliminary telephones.

When Google discontinued Mission Ara, it it seems that supposed to license the era out to different corporations, so all of the arduous paintings would no longer pass to waste. No matter discussions there were have no longer changed into offers but. Cellular era strikes temporarily, and what used to be recent in 2016, is archaic in 2019. Those patents might display what’s conceivable with modular era lately, and may just point out Google is operating to tempt its companions again into experimenting with modular .

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