How to cook cats in Magic Arena, and other winning combos

Tossing cats into the oven. Reanimating massive plant monsters. Grinding combatants out of sources ahead of unleashing an enormous Sphinx. Or just pointing one fiery burn spell after every other at an opponent’s face till they’re useless. Theros: Past Loss of life’s upending of the Magic: The Accumulating Enviornment meta has given us the chance to do all that and extra.

With new units freeing like clockwork each and every 3 months, Enviornment’s meta is repeatedly moving, even for free-to-play competition. Theros has kicked that into overdrive, with a Same old layout that only a month gave the impression solved now totally reshaped via the Gods, Demigods, Titans and sure, massive plant monsters of Theros—simply in time for the Global Championship going down in Honolulu this weekend.

Let’s get started with that plant monster, often referred to as Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath. It’s a key new piece of one in every of Same old’s most well liked decks.

(Symbol credit score: Wizards of the Coast)

A 6/6 for 2 mana turns out like a thieve, however the brand new talent Get away supplies an enchanting twist right here. The primary time you forged Uro or its Elder Titan brethren out of your hand, it is going to be sacrificed upon coming into play. However you’ll nonetheless get the facility at the card. In Uro’s case that suggests you’ll achieve 3 existence, draw a card and put a land at once into play. Later, if you’ll pay the Get away value, you’ll forged the cardboard out of your graveyard and you’ll be able to have a 6/6 to your facet that can draw you a card in all places once more.

Uro has equipped a shot within the arm to one in every of Enviornment’s maximum explosive decks: green-blue ramp.

Inexperienced-blue ramp deck by way of Ray Park on Twitter. (Symbol credit score: Wizards of the Coast/Ray Park)

The deck’s plan is easy: Acquire get right of entry to to further mana from its lands as briefly as imaginable because of Uro—and a number of different playing cards that may in a similar fashion put further lands into play—at the side of the planeswalker Nissa, Who Shakes the Global, which doubles all of the mana your Forests produce.

The deck then funnels all that mana into its signature performs: Escaping Uro from the graveyard, casting an enormous Hydroid Krasis (which scales with how a lot mana you place into it), or stealing combatants’ playing cards with an Agent of Treachery. All in all, the deck is liable for growing one of the most wildest performs you’ll be able to see in Enviornment.

Nonetheless from an Andrea Mengucci move. (Symbol credit score: Wizards of the Coast/Andrea Mengucci)

Wish to gradual it down and slowly drain your opponent’s will to play via countering or negating each and every play they make? The Theros powerhouses Shatter the Sky and Dream Trawler have made that imaginable. 

(Symbol credit score: Wizards of the Coast)

Keep watch over decks in Magic generally tend to focus on blue and white, the 2 colours that experience the spells maximum suited to easily announcing no to the entirety combatants attempt to do. From new spells like Shatter the Sky that kill more than one creatures immediately to the feared counterspell Take in that prevents a spell ahead of it even has an impact, now we have noticed a resurgence of the vintage blue-white regulate deck archetype.

Blue-white regulate deck via Martin Juza. (Symbol credit score: Wizards of the Coast/Martin Juza)

After taking up the sport with its regulate spells, this deck leans on every other Theros addition in Dream Trawler. With the facility to offer protection to itself from removing spells via discarding a card, it is a resilient danger that the blue-white Keep watch over deck can lean on to near out a sport. It doesn’t harm that the Trawler additionally attracts playing cards when it assaults and good points existence equivalent to the wear and tear it offers, the most important for a deck this is prone to take injury within the early sport.

Deck via Anthony Allsopp. (Symbol credit score: Wizards of the Coast/Anthony Allsopp)

If going rapid is extra your factor, there’s the great outdated mono-red deck. The enchantment of mono-red is equal to it’s been for all of Magic’s 27-year historical past: hit rapid and hit exhausting. When important, throw fireplace at once at combatants’ existence totals, bypassing the battlefield completely.

It’s a components that hasn’t modified a lot in virtually 3 a long time, however with Theros hitting the digital streets of Magic Enviornment, there’s by no means been a greater time to begin attacking as early as the primary flip of the sport.

Credit score for that is going to a couple of latest Theros playing cards: Phoenix of Ash and Anax, Hardened within the Forge.

(Symbol credit score: Wizards of the Coast)

Any other Get away card making an affect, Phoenix of Ash does precisely what you’d be expecting a Phoenix to do. It’s on fireplace, it flies and it’s by no means really useless. The cardboard has been a blazing boon to crimson mages, and offers the crimson deck the facility to push via injury even after combatants stabilize with removing spells or creatures of their very own.

Anax is the opposite new addition, and it is a difficult card that displays off Devotion, a mechanic that first gave the impression on playing cards in 2013 however is again as we go back to the sector of Theros, the place Gods achieve energy in response to how trustworthy their worshippers are. That is represented in-game with the Devotion mechanic, which counts the choice of coloured mana casting prices of playing cards to decide an quantity of Devotion.

(Symbol credit score: Wizards of the Coast)

For Anax, its energy is the same as your Devotion to Pink (you’ll depend the crimson symbols within the top-right of your playing cards at the battlefield to decide this quantity, however Enviornment may even do the give you the results you want and obviously show it). Since the mono-ted deck places numerous creatures onto the board in no time, it briefly establishes a top quantity of Devotion and turns Anax into an enormous attacker. And will have to it ever select up the fearsome apparatus Embercleave—which permits it to deal injury two times in a flip—it is going to normally finish the sport at the spot.

A Mono-Pink sport from an AliasV stream. (Image credit: Wizards of the Coast/AliasV)

The best Magic Arena budget decks

As covered in our Arena Beginner’s Guide, the way you build decks in Magic Arena is straightforward: you gain cards from opening packs, or you “craft” cards using Wildcards that can be redeemed for any one card of a corresponding rarity. This means that your Wildcards come at a premium when dipping your toes into the game, so here’s a few decks that don’t need many Wildcards to be competitive—plus you can build on them as you expand your collection.

The first is mono-white lifegain, which does exactly what the name suggests. By keeping your deck one color, you won’t have to worry about not having the right kind of mana, and you’ll save precious Wildcards. Plus, it turns out you don’t need a second color to build a powerful deck that can run up your own life total as quickly as it runs down your opponent’s.

(Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

Ajani’s Pridemate is the key to the deck, growing larger every time you gain life, which is something almost all your cards do—especially with the help of the Theros God Heliod. Coming in at just 10 rares and with room to grow, this is an ideal way to dip your toes into the format.

I mentioned throwing Cats into Ovens, and I won’t leave you hanging. While it’s not new, the combo of Cauldron Familiar and Witch’s Oven is still one of the silliest and most enjoyable things you can do in Magic Arena. Every turn, the Oven can sacrifice the Cat to cook a Food token, which can then be sacrificed to bring the Cat back from the graveyard, draining one life from your opponent in the process. It doesn’t seem like much at first, but it adds up quickly while padding your own life total.

(Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

One of the reasons this is a great place to get started—besides it simply being awesome to win games by cooking cats repeatedly—is that the deck is easy to upgrade if you want to be more competitive. One of the best decks in the format is Jund Sacrifice, a three-color deck that uses the same engine you see here, but with added green cards to increase its potency.

(Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

If you’re new to Magic: Arena, hyper-efficient removal spells, huge attackers, and cat cooking are just some of the tactics available to you. It’s an intimidating game to jump into for the first time, but rewarding, and the ever-shifting meta is keeping it fresh. To get a better sense of the competitive strategies in use now, you can watch the Magic: Arena World Championship on Twitch this weekend—it’s running from Friday to Sunday.

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