How to Find the Secret Levels in Minecraft Dungeons

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What are Secret Ranges in Minecraft Dungeons[edit]

Scattered throughout 4 maps – Creeper Woods, Soggy Swamp, Pumpkin Pastures, and Highblock Halls – you’ll in finding secret crypts that grasp maps to logo new places.

Sooner than we delve any deeper, it is very important notice that Minecraft Dungeons is procedural, which means that that ranges, paths, loot, and mobs are generated randomly each and every time that you just play a degree. Because of this, we’ve got posted photographs of our ranges to assist supply a basic thought of the realm, so please do understand that the process during which you succeed in your hidden spaces might really well vary from our trail.

Tips on how to Unencumber Creepy Crypt[edit]

The Creepy Crypt hidden space can also be discovered on the finish of a trail lengthy the left facet of the map. The small stone wall options two Redstone bricks at the outdoor, making it beautiful exhausting to pass over. After getting discovered the doorway, merely press the button this is alongside the bottom subsequent to the wall and a hidden front will seem.

Whilst we will’t give an actual location, we do extremely counsel that you just test each and every trail that leads off the principle challenge trail, as this may increasingly allow you to find the Creepy Crypt hidden space so much more uncomplicated!

Tips on how to Unencumber Soggy Cave[edit]


Discovered in Soggy Swamp, the Soggy Cave hidden space is somewhat tough to seek out as its spawn price isn’t quite common.

To help in making the method of discovering this location more uncomplicated, we discovered that it is going to handiest spawn when there are two secrets and techniques to be discovered within the degree. With the intention to view what number of secrets and techniques can also be discovered, open your fullsize map and skim the textual content against the ground left of the display screen. When it reads two, it is going to imply that the hidden crypt has spawned.

Right through our enjoy, the Soggy Cave map can also be situated all over the second one/3rd part of the extent and most often, at the left facet of the map. You can know when you’ve got discovered the realm as you’ll commute down a suite of cobblestone stairs and discover a dungeon front on the backside.

Tips on how to Unencumber Arch Haven[edit]

Present in Pumpkin Pastures, the Arch Haven secret degree can also be unlocked upon discovering a small pirate send. We discovered that the send is in all probability to spawn within the first part of the extent, if it has no longer spawned via then and you’ve got checked the entire conceivable paths, we advise restarting the extent and attempting once more.

Sadly, Arch Haven used to be via a ways probably the most difficult secret degree to spawn because of the random nature of Minecraft Dungeons. Right through my time in recreation, I simply spent over three hours seeking to get the name of the game space to spawn and it used to be handiest after finishing the Soggy Caves secret degree that I manged to get the Arch Haven send to spawn.

Whether or not or no longer that is comparable, we’re lately not sure as many participants of the group have spent an identical quantities of time seeking to unencumber this space. So, indisputably stay this in thoughts when finishing your walkthrough as it’ll finally end up saving you a hefty period of time.

Tips on how to Unencumber Underhalls[edit]

Underhalls is arguably one of the crucial best possible ranges to unencumber, as the name of the game space has a somewhat commonplace spawn price and can also be present in the similar space each and every time.

Fortunately, Underhalls location spawns close to the start of the Highblock Halls degree. To search out the realm, make your approach via the principle corridor till you return throughout a big set of stairs. On the backside of those stairs, you’ll discover a small space that includes two shields putting on a wall.

Engage with the Blue Defend and watch because the empty wall transforms right into a doorway. Input within and gather the brand new location map.

Tips on how to Unencumber the Secret Cow Stage[edit]

To unencumber the name of the game Cow Stage, it is important to gather all nine Runes which were hidden amongst each and every major challenge degree upon finishing the sport on Default issue mode.

For extra main points on gathering all 9 Runes and activating the extent, take a look at our entire walkthrough information right here.

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