How to get special characters using Alt key codes or the Word Symbols library

Microsoft Phrase, like several text-based systems, makes use of a numeric persona code referred to as ASCII (American Same old Code for Data Interchange) for every alphabetic, numeric, and particular persona for your keyboard. This code is the rationale we will be able to use open textual content recordsdata in virtually any tool program, and the explanation why some systems’ passwords are case-sensitive (e.g., the uppercase ‘A’ is ASCII quantity 65 and the lowercase ‘ a’ is ASCII code 97). You’ll insert all or any of those codes/characters (personally) with one simple aggregate keystroke: the Alt key+ the decimal code at the numeric keypad (notice that the numbers around the best of your keyboard don’t paintings)—or you’ll be able to use the Symbols Library.

Insert Symbols from the Symbols Library

The Symbols Library is the most typical and acquainted manner for putting non-keyboard characters right into a file. The method is modest:

1. Choose the Insert tab

2. Click on the Symbols button

three. Make a selection an emblem from the small conversation window of 20 samples, or

four. Choose Extra Symbols and select one from the Symbols Library (from the “commonplace textual content” font).

Phrase recalls the final 20 symbols you inserted and puts them within the conversation window (kind of like an emblem speed-dial). For infrequent utilization, it is a great function. However what if you happen to use the copyright and trademark symbols 25 to 30 instances in one file? Or what if you happen to use em dashes in each different paragraph, or numerous fractions, or accessory marks in each 5 to 6 phrases (there’s over 3 dozen accessory characters by myself)?

01 insert symbols from the symbols libraryJD Sartain / IDG

01 Insert Symbols from the Symbols Library

Understand that Phrase supplies the selection of the Personality Code from the ASCII Decimal desk plus the identify of the logo and the Alt+ key aggregate (or Shortcut key) on the backside of the Symbols conversation window.

For quantity entries, take a look at the ASCII Codes as a substitute

It’s indubitably so much quicker to variety Alt+0169 (the copyright image) than to seek for it and insert it from the Symbols library, particularly if it’s important to insert it 40 instances an afternoon.

However there also are different causes for the usage of the ASCII codes, corresponding to availability and damaged keys. Some characters might not be to be had on your Symbols Library as a result of your fonts don’t give a boost to them. And what occurs if one of the vital keys for your keyboard is broken—for instance, it kind of feels like the gap bar (32) is all the time the primary key to malfunction (Alt+ zero32).

02 most common ascii characters1

The Web supplies dozens of web sites that chart the ASCII and image tables. Two I have visited are and some other is Particular Characters — Alt Code Sequences. Be mindful to press and dangle the Alt key and input a nil (0) earlier than every code; for instance: if the chart displays 169 because the copyright image, you will have to input 0169 (this is, from zero via 255).

Someplace across the decimal code 256, the previous 0 is not important. You’ll check this your self by way of coming into each variations of those numbers. As an example, Alt+ zero251 = û (the Latin small letter u with circumflex image above it) whilst Alt+ 251 = √ (the sq. root signal)—and so on till you achieve 256, which is equal to 0256 (each produce the pronunciation image for an uppercase ‘lengthy’ A; this is, Ā).

03 most common ascii characters2

Along with the keyboard characters, you can to find decimal codes for Greek and Latin letters, accessory letters, pronunciation symbols over the alphabet, and mathematical symbols, such because the department and sq. root operators, the accessory grave and circumflex symbols, plus international foreign money symbols, and extra. However the coolest of all are the graphics and icon symbols.

Alt Key Symbols

There are loads of Alt symbols. If truth be told, Alt+ 1 via Alt+ 31 (with out the previous zeroes) are icon symbols (corresponding to satisfied faces, card fits, astrology icons, and so forth.) and 176 via 223 are graphic traces and polygons. That’s why such a lot of customers get discouraged when on the lookout for the British pound image £ (Alt+ 0163) and finally end up with the lowercase Latin letter acute accessory ú (Alt+ 163)—which could also be discovered at Alt+ 0250.

04 alt symbol codes

The Alt+ codes prolong out 5 digits, so if you’ll be able to’t to find the logo you’re on the lookout for, mess around with the numbers and spot what you get. Get started with 1,000 and check out some random numbers via 10,078. Understand that most of the nine,000-level symbols are repeats of the unique set (1 through 255).

It’s all the time a laugh to insert a cheerful face (Alt+ 1) ☺ or (Alt+ 9786) ☺or a snowman (Alt+ 9731) ☃.

05 alt decoration symbols1

See the charts (above and under) for a number of dozen fascinating and helpful symbols to embellish your paperwork and emails. Those symbols additionally paintings in Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint. In Excel, the Alt+ symbols after 255 are inconsistent, however the ASCII codes paintings tremendous.

NOTE: If the ASCII decimal code does now not show the logo you anticipated, take a look at coming into the Unicode / ASCII Hex code as a substitute, adopted by way of Alt+ X; for instance 006A plus Alt+ X.

06 alt decoration symbols2 new uploadJD Sartain/IDG


ASCII Decimal, ASCII Hex, or Unicodes?

Understand that the entire Alt codes within the charts above are represented by way of numbers; for instance, the White Queen is Alt+ 9813. However realize that one of the crucial new symbols even have letters within the codes such because the Hex ASCII code (aka Unicode) 006A, which is meant to show an ornamental middle from a downloaded image font referred to as “KR All Concerning the Center.”

The ASCII decimal code for this similar image is Alt+ 106, however that code and each the Unicode and ASCII Hex codes (006A plus Alt+ X shows the Latin lowercase letter “j.” This implies some symbols (particularly the downloaded ones) would possibly simplest be to be had in the course of the Insert > Image instructions at the Ribbon menus.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t input the plus indicators, simply the Alt key and the next quantity OR the characters adopted by way of the simultaneous Alt and X keys.

Particular characters on computer or pill keyboards

Some laptops and capsules don’t have numeric keypads. If that’s the case, the Quantity Lock keypad is in most cases on a number of of the interior keyboard keys, sharing with different characters. Some programs additionally supply an Fn (serve as key) button, which will have to even be depressed in an effort to use the Alt+ key codes. Probably the most recurrently shared keys are the 7, eight, nine, u, i, j, ok, l, and m keys.

You’ll additionally take a look at Fn + the F11 key to open a calculator-type keypad. If that doesn’t paintings, take a look at toggling on each the Quantity Lock and Scroll Lock keys, then press Alt+ the important thing code. And final, if all else fails, press down the Fn button and dangle, then press and dangle the Alt key, then input the quantity and unlock all 3 keys concurrently.

At this level, it could be more uncomplicated to make use of the menus. In different phrases, in case your computer or pill is lacking the numeric keypad, it’s quicker (and most probably extra environment friendly) to only make a selection Insert > Image > Extra Symbols and select one, then click on Insert.

Find & set up new symbols

The one symbols to be had for your pc now are those that got here pre-installed with the Microsoft Home windows fonts, and the ones don’t come with a large number of “artsy” symbols. As an example, Home windows 10 comprises the Bookshelf Image 7 and Image fonts (minimum collections) plus Internet Dings, Wing Dings (1, 2, three), and Zaph Dingbats, which all have some nice symbols.

Some tool systems such because the Adobe Ingenious Suite and the Corel Draw suite come with plenty of new fonts with the systems, that are in most cases pre-installed if you select the “usual” set up. In case you should not have this sort of systems, you’ll be able to find loads of “image” fonts at the Web.

As an example, 1001 Fonts advertises that it has 587 Dingbat fonts in its library, which come with classes corresponding to Vacation, Flora, Animals, Unfashionable, Spiritual, Romantic, plus dozens extra. Downloading those fonts is a breeze: Simply browse in the course of the assortment, select an emblem font, and click on the Obtain button.

A conversation field seems and asks the place/what to do with this Zip record? Make a selection Save Document and click on OK. The listing/folder conversation seems. Browse to Downloads and click on Save. It’s a good suggestion to all the time save your downloaded recordsdata to the Downloads folder first, then reproduction/paste, transfer, or Unzip to the acceptable folders.

Unzip or Extract the record again to the Downloads folder, or you’ll be able to extract immediately to the Home windows Font folder. Observe that it’s more secure to extract to the Downloads folder, then reproduction and paste the font record to the Home windows Font folder.

Take a look at your new image font. Open a Phrase record, make a selection Insert > Image, scroll right down to the brand new font, select one of the vital symbols, and click on Insert. Understand the nature code on the backside proper facet of the display. You’ll now insert this image the usage of the ALT+ persona code. If now not, see the “ASCII Decimal, ASCII Hex, or Unicodes” segment above.

Pointers: In case you require a large number of mathematical symbols (corresponding to fractions, sq. roots, and so forth.) on your file, select the MS Particular Reference image fonts. For industry or administrative center symbols, obtain the “ Pc” or “Administrative centerDingbat symbols from 1001 Fonts. For extra “distinctive” image fonts such because the signing alphabet and/or track notes, select “Image” from the Dingbat symbols at 1001 Fonts.

Can icon symbols be transformed to vector graphics?

Sure! And this excellent function provides “clip artwork” an entire new that means, particularly since many clipart distributors rate for his or her merchandise. If in case you have Corel Draw, Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop, you’ll be able to convert any image icon to a vector graphic, because of this you’ll have a graphic that may be altered and sized with out compression noise (aka fuzzy pixels).

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