Jesse Reyez on her new album and the struggle immigrants face

Jessie Reyez’s new track video for “Some distance Away” shines a mild at the realities immigrants face on the U.S.-Mexico border. The Colombian singer hopes the video educates her enthusiasts on what is going down on the southern border.

The video, directed via Peter Huang, depicts Reyez and others being torn with the exception of their family members. Her love pastime within the video is killed via ICE brokers, however Reyez informed CBS Information she’s no longer attacking immigration officials as a result of no longer the whole thing is black and white.

“I see myself in the ones which are being wrongfully persecuted. I see my dad anytime I see folks disrespecting a Latino as a result of they are able to’t discuss English correctly. I see the ones issues,” she mentioned.


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“I sought after to make it as potent as a visible as imaginable,” Reyez mentioned.” “So, it may be a catalyst on your mind.”

Reyez says “Some distance Away” would be the first solo track that she’s had shortly. Her debut album will likely be to be had in early 2020. It is going to function messages on separation, existence and loss of life. 

This interview has been quite edited for readability.

CBS Information: The visuals for “Some distance Away” are jarring and methodical. I needed to watch it a number of instances simply to ensure I did not pass over the rest. What impressed the track and visuals?

Reyez: The track used to be impressed via long-distance love. However with the video, I sought after to make certain that it stood for one thing. I sought after to make it deeper and larger, one thing impactful.

CBS Information: You might be no stranger to robust messages. In “Frame Rely,” you burned on the stake all over a Salem witch trial. What is your motivation for developing such stand out visuals?

Reyez: I am actually lucky to paintings with different creatives that let me to look those visions thru. The way in which I means songwriting, I am handiest affecting one sense: what you might be listening to. But when I will be able to write in a selected cinematic approach then I’ve get right of entry to to extra of your senses.

If my lyrics are particular and detailed, I will be able to power you to look one thing on your thoughts when you are paying attention to the track. With the visuals, it is nearly like I wish to do this to any other stage. I now have get right of entry to to what you might be observing, however I wish to have get right of entry to to what you are feeling on your soul.

“Some distance Away” via Jessie Reyez

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CBS Information: Why is the message in “Some distance Away” so vital?

Reyez: Other people say as an artist it is your duty to be vocal. I have all the time mentioned, I believe like if I had been to do it from a spot that is not authentic then I would not. However for me, it is roughly primary as a result of I have been thru it to an extent. My circle of relatives needed to look ahead to papers for 16 years to be legally authorized within the nation.

Think we had been dealing with persecution, had we waited 16 years we shouldn’t have been ready to transport. I am lucky, however there are households being persecuted. There are households dealing with violence. There are households operating and on the lookout for a greater alternative.

Jesse Reyez’s “Some distance Away”

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CBS Information: There may be such a lot symbolism in “Some distance Away.” There is a scene with somewhat boy sitting in entrance of the TV, together with his folks observing President Trump discuss. You then with fireplace on your eyes taking a look on the southern border. What had been you seeking to get throughout with the imagery?

Reyez: In the end, it all comes all the way down to the way in which long term generations are raised. If you are raised round racism or prejudice, it is going to grow to be a norm in your youngsters. Youngsters are a clean slate, they are so impressionable that when you in reality herald equality, love and empathy from a tender age it turns into innate within the kid.

When I used to be being carried via the ICE officer it used to be like, if handiest the oppressed are those inquiring for trade not anything’s going to modify. I do know there are officials that should really feel one thing after they see a kid crying. I do know there are Latino, black or minority officials that should really feel conflicted doing issues underneath this regime that form of forces you to bring to an end any type of empathy or figuring out that you will have for no matter that immigrants backstory is. I do know that as a result of it is human nature.

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