Madden 21: How to QB Slide

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Figuring out how one can QB slide in Madden NFL 21 can imply the variation between a grab scramble and a expensive fumble, so it can be crucial you understand how to slip with the quarterback to steer clear of turning the ball over for your opponent. On this information, we will stroll you via how one can slide with the QB.

To slip with the quarterback in Madden NFL 21, you can first want to you’ll want to’re in the appropriate scenario to take action. This implies you will have to be previous the road of scrimmage and operating with the quarterback. If you happen to hang the dive button (Sq./X), the QB will dive head-first, which steadily leads to a fumble in the event that they collide with defenders at the play. Do not do this!

As a substitute, simply faucet the dive button (Sq./X) to present your self up with a QB slide. This may ensure that the QB falls feet-first and voluntarily ends the play loose of doubtless disastrous touch with bruising defenders.

You’ll additionally slide with different ball carriers akin to runningbacks, broad receivers, and tight ends via protecting R2/RT+L2/LT+Sq./X. This may permit talent place gamers to in a similar fashion surrender on a play, that could be wanted in a scenario the place you wish to have to get down and get in touch with day out or simply steer clear of an tried ball strip from the protection.

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