Maher urges Trump voters, liberals to make peace after election: 'Let's skip the civil war'

“Actual Time” host Invoice Maher closed Friday evening’s display with a message to each Trump supporters and liberals forward of subsequent week’s presidential election. 

“Regardless of which facet wins on Tuesday, let’s skip the civil struggle and pass proper to reconciliation,” Maher started. “Thirty-four p.c of the electorate imagine there will likely be any other Civil Conflict inside the subsequent 5 years and I might love to remind them of 1 factor: The us is a circle of relatives and the definition of circle of relatives is individuals who hate every different with out resorting to violence.

“We need to see every different now not as mortal enemies however slightly simply as roommates from hell,” he persisted. “If we need to merely exist, we are going to need to have the ability to paintings in combination. … So let’s now not have a civil struggle with the Trumpers. We are no excellent at struggle and they are no excellent at being civil.”


Maher stressed out that “neither facet” used to be going any place, mocking “wealthy celebrities” who all the time threaten to depart the rustic however “by no means do” and telling those that need to divide the U.S. into crimson and blue states to “close the f— up.” 

“Take it from anyone who has traveled this nation my complete existence: There are not any crimson states or blue states. They are all like Mitch McConnell’s arms — some color of red,” Maher quipped. “We will be able to’t have a moment Civil Conflict for the reason that two facets don’t seem to be well separated anymore! The Mason-Dixon line would narrow thru states, towns, streets, even bedrooms.”

He temporarily flashed a picture of former White Area counselor Kellyanne Conway and her husband, outspoken anti-Trump attorney George Conway. 


“We are among every different now, all swirled in combination and marbled in,” Maher instructed his target audience. “There are three.eight million Hillary electorate in Texas and four.five million Trump electorate in California. We will be able to’t pass to struggle. My dry cleaner is in the back of enemy strains! I do not need to combat the struggle of Dealer Joe’s! We’ve got were given to determine tactics to begin running with every different once more and the best way we have all the time completed that previously is with a Grand Discount.”

Maher then instructed President Trump, “Here is a Grand Discount that may paintings for everyone. If liberals lose, we may not loot Foot Locker. And should you lose, you do not loot the Treasury.”

The HBO famous person admitted that “our facet has in recent years been having somewhat bother pronouncing ‘looting is dangerous,'” knocking a record from Axios for “cheerily” selling the “certain results” of looting in addition to the ebook “In Protection of Looting.”

“Have we misplaced our minds?!? Stealing? BAD!” Maher shouted. “No looting the mall and likewise no Gucci-loafered Republican looters ransacking our govt as a result of I do know what you are pondering, Don. You lose the election and ‘The whole thing will have to pass! We misplaced our rent, going into chapter 11!’ Oh sure, you can be promoting pardons on Craig’s Listing. Jared will flip the Smithsonian into condos. You are going to check out to strip this govt find it irresistible’s an deserted Vary Rover in a nasty group.”


Maher slammed the “looting on a miles grander scale,” mentioning the $765 million mortgage the federal government granted Kodak to increase coronavirus drug remedies, which led to the corporate’s inventory to surge.

“Kodak does not make medication. They make cameras in 1985,” Maher quipped. “Kodak? Who is the second-highest bidder for this? The Hole?”

He persisted, “Prevent stealing! Is that this truly this kind of laborious factor to agree on?!? Are we able to agree on one thing?!? Anything else! As a result of it is getting somewhat chippy in the market. So please, no matter occurs Tuesday, let’s have the ability to are living in combination. We need to — as a result of no different nation will take us.”

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