Major events in the Warhammer 40,000 timeline

Warhammer 40,000 has filled the intervening 38,000 years between now and its darkish long run with historical past and incident, whilst additionally giving historical alien civilizations just like the necrons, c’tan, and outdated ones tales that unfold again into prehistory. We will be skipping previous that stuff right here for the sake of sanity, besides there may be a large number of flooring to hide and issues should be summarized. Whilst the 41st millennium is value breaking down into particular person years, what precedes is lumped in combination into large ages. Which is not to mention that stuff does not subject—the 31st millennium gave us the Horus Heresy, an match that arrange a lot of what occurs after and spawned a whole line of over 50 novels.

It is a lot, is the overall level right here. And it is a perplexed lot too. Dates are given in keeping with the Imperial device, which is an issue since the huge interstellar paperwork of the Imperium of Guy accommodates a whole department referred to as the Ordo Chronos who are meant to set legitimate dates, however are these days experiencing a civil conflict referred to as the Chronostrife. Their job is mainly inconceivable since the Nice Rift—a tear in fact established close to the top of the 41st millennium—has brought about temporal shifts and fluctuations. 

Those are all superb causes for Video games Workshop to modify their minds about explicit dates and instances given in quite a lot of resources, and any glance again throughout the older books is fraught with uncertainty. However we do what we will, and this is how the historical past of Warhammer 40,000 appears as of late.

Age of Terra, M1 — M15

On this age people slowly start figuring out the universe past Terra, ultimately terraforming Mars and from there different within reach worlds.

The Darkish Age of Era, M15 — M25

Warpspace is came upon round M18, enabling the discovery of warpdrives and FTL interstellar commute. This growth results in the primary encounters with xenos.

Age of Strife, M25 — M30

Warp storms separate and isolate human colonies, and wars get away each between them. More than a few xenos species benefit from this separation to invade.

The Nice Campaign, M30

The Emperor turns into chief of Terra, creates the Primarchs and House Marine legions, and sends them to unite the scattered human worlds into an Imperium. Mars is the primary to rejoin the fold, and its Adeptus Mechanicus give you the generation that drives the campaign.

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The Horus Heresy, M31

Horus, Warmaster of the Nice Campaign, betrays the Emperor. The legions are divided, and plenty of aspect with Horus. His forces are ultimately defeated after they lay siege to the Imperial Palace on Terra, however the Emperor is wounded must be encased in lifestyles make stronger throughout the Golden Throne to stay him alive. The traitor legions are pushed to the Eye of Terror within the Nice Scourging, from which they emerge periodically in movements referred to as Black Crusades.

(The videogames Betrayal at Calth, Fight of Tallarn, The Horus Heresy: Legions, and Talisman: The Horus Heresy are all set on this duration. So is the tabletop sport Adeptus Titanicus, and possibly the coming near near marketing campaign of its videogame adaptation shall be too.)

The Upward thrust of the Ecclesiarchy, M32

Whilst the Emperor maintained an Imperial Reality that held there have been no gods and used the Nice Campaign to unfold this message, all over the Horus Heresy many throughout the Imperium started to worship him as God-Emperor. Together with his encasement within the Golden Throne this motion positive factors energy and turns into the legitimate faith of the Imperium.

The Nova Terra Interregnum, M34 — M35

The Imperium is divided in part by way of every other civil conflict, this time brought about by way of Nova Terra and all of the Segmentum Pacificum seceding. For 9 centuries there are two warring Imperiums of Mankind.

The Age of Apostasy, M36

A struggle between the Ecclesiarch and the opposite Top Lords of Terra referred to as the Reign of Blood is adopted by way of a Plague of Unbelief by which an apostate cardinal demanding situations the church itself.

The Age of Redemption, M37 — M41

More than one crusades of religion burn out the apostates and heretics on the center of the Imperial Cult and renew the religion of the Imperium.

The 41st Millennium, M41


Abaddon the Despoiler leads the 12th Black Campaign, opening with a raid on Arx Station. That is the primary combat in what turns into the Gothic Warfare.

(Battlefleet Gothic Armada is ready all over this struggle.)

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Eldar come to assistance from the Imperial forces within the Gothic Warfare. The mixed pressure is victorious, despite the fact that they spend a number of extra years pursuing the fleeing Chaos forces all of the as far back as the Eye of Terror.


Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn’s six-year hunt for the heretic Murdin Eyclone involves a head in the world Hubris, throughout the cryonic vaults the place the frozen planet’s rich voters sleep via its iciness.

(Those are the occasions of Eisenhorn—Xenos, each the sport and the radical it is in response to.)

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Warfare between the Deffsmasha orks and Imperial forces within the Garmos device drags on as darkish eldar release well-timed raids on all sides to take care of the stability of energy.


Lord Commander Sun Macharius leads a seven-year campaign that brings virtually 1,000 worlds into the Imperium, lots of them former colonies misplaced within the Age of Apostasy.


Macharius dies and turns into an Imperial Saint. The generals who fought for him squabble over the territories they keep watch over, starting a civil conflict referred to as the Macharian Heresy.


Chaos Marines of the Global Eaters legion assault the Imperial international of Armageddon, and are defeated by way of the House Wolves and Gray Knights chapters.

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An area hulk referred to as the Sin of Damnation emerges from the warp. Up to now, in 996.M40, Marines of the Blood Angels had tried to attack it and failed disastrously. They go back and this time effectively recapture it.

(Those occasions are the root for House Hulk, House Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels and one of the most campaigns in House Hulk: Ascension.)


Within the Koath device a probe is located that, when translated, bears a message of greeting from a xenos species referred to as the tau.


The Ultramarines lead a united pressure within the Corinthian Campaign, defeating the orks of Charadon.


A brand new bankruptcy of Marines referred to as the Mentor Legion is created as a part of the 26th Founding.


The Inquisition investigates business between tau and the Imperium within the Damocles Gulf, broadcasts the xenos to be a risk, and starts the Damocles Campaign in opposition to them.


Szarekh, Silent King of the traditional cybernetic beings referred to as necrons, learns that creatures from past the galaxy are drawing near. The tyranids are a conglomeration of species dominated by way of a hive thoughts who incorporate each and every international they triumph over into their biomass. Szarekh starts awakening the necrons on their Tomb Worlds to struggle the tyranids.


The First Tyrannic Warfare takes position because the Imperium fights again in opposition to the invading tyranids, whose unfold is halted by way of the Ultramarines on the Fight for Macragge. The Inquisition investigates and determines this invasion pressure, named Hive Fleet Behemoth, is handiest the primary.

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A tyranid hive fleet dubbed Naga enters the galaxy in eldar area, and is ultimately destroyed by way of them at nice value.


The hive international Piety emerges from a warpstorm overrun by way of Chaos. Sisters of Fight descend to recuperate a number of holy artifacts, however just a handful live to tell the tale. The planet is ultimately destroyed by way of Gray Knights by way of Exterminatus.


The primary touch between the Imperium and necrons happens at a Sisters of Fight fortress-convent referred to as Sanctuary 101, which the necrons smash utterly.

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The Bankruptcy Grasp of the Astral Claws House Marines rebels, destroys an Imperial fleet despatched to analyze whilst they’re in orbit round their homeworld Badab, and broadcasts himself the Tyrant of Badab.


The Tau Empire is beset by way of Hive Fleet Gorgon. The tau are compelled to best friend with the Imperium to forestall them.


The 2d Warfare for Armageddon. An enormous pressure of orks led by way of Ghazghkull Magazine Uruk Thraka assaults the hive international Armageddon, however are held again by way of Imperial Guard underneath the command of Commissar Yarrick lengthy sufficient for House Marines to reach and power them off.

(Those are the occasions of Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon and Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon—Da Orks.)

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The tau struggle a huge ork invasion fleet within the Nice Warfare of Confederation.


The orks of Charadon are united underneath Arch-Arsonist Snagrod and rampage throughout the Loki Sector. At Rynn’s Global they defeat the Marines of the Purple Fists, however reinforcements from the Darkish Angels bankruptcy arrive and purge them from Loki Sector.


Hive Fleet Kraken is destroyed within the 2d Tyrannic Warfare, however no longer sooner than devastating the eldar craftworld of Iyanden and two chapters of House Marines—the Scythes of the Emperor and the Lamenters.


The 3rd Warfare for Armageddon. Troops from over 20 House Marine chapters are required to carry Ghazghkull Thraka’s orks this time, dragging the combat out till the warlord grows bored and departs.


Following a warp anomaly referred to as the Nice Awakening, which triggers a couple of daemon invasions, Abaddon launches the 13th Black Campaign. The planet Cadia is destroyed. Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines, is woke up after 10,000 years in stasis and turns into Lord Commander of the Imperium’s armies.

(Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 is ready all over this struggle. Crack of dawn of Warfare occurs in the similar yr, even though that is in keeping with a novelization which might not be canon.)


Roboute Guilliman, having defeated the 13th Black Campaign, launches the Indomitus Campaign to reunite the Imperium it tore in part. With a brand new and progressed era of House Marines referred to as the Primaris underneath his command, he dedicates the primary century of the 42nd millennium to this campaign.

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