Memory-Lane Monday: Did they say anything about an offer you couldn’t refuse?

After running for an organization that gives services and products to regional car dealerships equivalent to gross sales, financing and inventory-control application, this pilot fish leaves to begin his personal corporate.

In a while after that, he will get a decision from a dealership that’s a consumer of his outdated employer.

“They heard I now owned a small software-development trade,” says fish. “They’re serious about dumping the outdated corporate and wish to know if I will be able to broaden competing application for them.”

That feels like a just right alternative to increase his trade, so fish units up a gathering.
Seems the task is modest: The dealership needs application identical to what fish’s former employer supplies.

Certain, says fish, I will be able to broaden new application to fulfill your wishes.

“No,” the man from the dealership says, “we don’t need new application. We would like it to be precisely just like the outdated application.”

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