MIT's robot army trains together in a video that will mess you up

What is extra disconcerting than gazing MIT’s dog-like Mini Cheetah robotic cavort round? 9 of them doing it in unison.

We’ve got had considerations about MIT’s robots for a while now, however a brand new video from the varsity’s biomimetic robotics lab opens into new ranges of terror. After a playful little bit of robotic football, the 9 Mini Cheetahs acquire in combination like an army unit and get started taking part in a dystopian model of “Simon Says.”

The synchronized stretches and backflips are creepy sufficient, however the leaf piles will in reality reduce to rubble your day. That is what the eventual, obviously inevitable robotic rebellion will appear to be proper within the second it occurs.

mits robot army trains together in a video that will mess you up - MIT's robot army trains together in a video that will mess you up

Symbol: MIT biomimetic robotics lab


The Mini Cheetah is a slimmed down model of the Cheetah three, a 90-pound, four-legged device that is more or less the scale of a “full-grown labrador.” As Mashable reported again in July 2018, the Cheetah three is constructed to perform basically by way of contact, permitting it to accomplish duties in lightless environments.

It is the very best roughly robotic for investigating places which can be hazardous to people. However what occurs when it comes to a decision to not assist anymore? We finally end up in an international that appears like a extra trendy take of the Tom Selleck/Kirstie Alley vintage, Runaway.

Predictably, the folk of Twitter (understandably) freaked out and became the entire thing into a reaction-filled Moment.
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