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Natalie Portman Is Returning To The MCU To Play Jane Foster Thor

natalie portman is returning to the mcu to play jane foster thor - Natalie Portman Is Returning To The MCU To Play Jane Foster Thor

It seems that kind of out-of-place Natalie Portman cameo in Avengers: Endgame used to be a bit of extra vital than any person can have guessed. The actor, who hasn’t performed a significant function in any MCU film since 2013’s Thor: The Darkish Global, will probably be making a comeback to the MCU to reprise her function as Jane Foster in Thor: Love And Thunder–with one primary caveat: she’ll be wielding Mjolnir.

Director Taika Waititi took the level at San Diego Comedian-Con right through the large Surprise Studios panel to wonder lovers. Moderator Jessica Chobot brought on Waititi with a query about what comedian guide storylines had impressed him, which Waititi used to be fast to respond to. “Once we have been taking pictures Ragnarok, I used to be studying Jason Aaron’s Mighty Thor, and it introduces feminine Thor [Jane Foster]. So, there may be just one one who can do this.”

Natalie Portman herself then took the level to giant applause, prior to being passed her personal reproduction Mjolnir to in point of fact power Jane’s new MCU establishment house.

“This feels lovely just right,” Portman laughed, “I have at all times had a bit of hammer envy.”

Jane’s flip as Thor got here after Thor Odinson used to be rendered unworthy by means of a cosmically conscious Nick Fury (do not ask), who showed villain named Gor the God Butcher, who believed all gods within the universe have been basically terrible and fallacious, used to be “proper.” By way of whispering that easy word: “Gor used to be proper,” Thor discovered himself experiencing this sort of disaster of self assurance that he may now not raise Mjolnir.

Fortunately, Mjolnir’s powers have some strings hooked up, if you happen to be mindful its inscription–“Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the ability of Thor.” All over Thor’s disaster, Jane, who had in reality been fighting deadly most cancers, used to be ready to raise the hammer and turn out to be imbued with the powers. As a deity, Jane’s most cancers used to be additionally “cured,” however handiest whilst she used to be in her Thor shape, developing a perilous catch-22 when she would revert again to her mortal self.

It is unclear what the arrange for Jane’s transformation within the MCU will in reality be, since so far as we all know she has been in easiest well being, however with Physician Peculiar 2’s creation of the multiverse, it kind of feels like anything else and the entirety is conceivable.

Thor: Love And Thunder will hit theaters on November five, 2021.

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