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Rainbow Six Siege breaches into Minecraft in this delightful fan-made short

As all Rainbow Six Siege avid gamers know, Sledge’s sledgehammer is an impressive breaching software. Its skill to punch completely oblong holes in drywall is superhuman. So, it is not a marvel that sooner or later he’d swing the hammer too onerous and finally end up in an alternative Minecraft measurement.

This amusing brief posted by means of Reddit consumer n0lberg at the Siege subreddit has already garnered just about 50 thousand upvotes. There is a lot that is spectacular concerning the video, however the gadgetry is what stands out maximum to me. Throwing out the drone and the use of the map because the commentary software is best possible.

n0lberg advised me over DMs that they made the video all on their very own, however did use a pre-built model of the Space map in Minecraft and preexisting skins. Despite the fact that, they did need to make “some customized textures” to tug it off. n0lberg additionally did not use any mods. The rappelling impact used to be almost definitely simply cautious use of the flying imaginable in inventive mode, if I needed to bet.

Since Minecraft is inherently a sport with freeform breaching, I see so a lot more possible on this crossover. I need a whole Minecraft Siege mode that mods in breaching fees and operator units. Make it occur, global.

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