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Ready, set, go

It’s the early ’80s and operations supervisor is uninterested in getting repeated calls to the basement laptop room to fix buttons at the mainframe. The “waiting” buttons at the IBM 3420 tape drives stay breaking, and he needs he knew why.

Those buttons, that are driven after the tape reel is fastened, all the time appear to wreck all the way through the evening shift, so the operations supervisor makes a decision to analyze. He sneaks into the pc room one evening — and discovers that the buttons are the sufferers of process boredom. The younger and rambunctious evening operators mount a tape, and somewhat than use a finger to press the waiting button, they soar up and grasp one of the crucial pipes overhead, then use their foot to kick the waiting button. Naturally, the buttons ruin after only some nights of that roughly abuse.

However what to do about it? Simplest age treatments younger and rambunctious, the development’s plumbing isn’t going to be relocated, and the mainframe can’t be moved both.

So the chief applies a beneficiant layer of cleaning soap to the pipes the next day to come.

He by no means heard what came about the primary time one of the crucial evening operators attempted the standard ready-button maneuver.

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