Resident Evil 3 Remake now has a Fall Guys mod, naturally

The Guys Who Fall, aka Fall Guys, are stoning up in every single place: they have got been noticed in Skyrim, and now they are stalking the zombie-strewn streets of Raccoon Town. Neatly, kinda: the brand new Jilly Bean mod turns the sport’s protagonists Jill and Carlos into one thing extra similar to Fall Guys cosplayers. And it makes a grim more or less sense. If you need heat and coverage in a post-pandemic hellscape, whilst additionally bringing some cutesy cheer to complaints, why no longer put on a Fall Guys outfit?

The mod is the paintings of Loopy Potato, who has additionally carried out the civic accountability of turning Nemesis right into a Fall Man, too. The video above comes by way of YouTube channel Benjamin York Gaming, and as you can see, the mod in point of fact takes the brink off an another way very severe videogame.

In fact, modding Resident Evil three is bizarre techniques is already a smartly trodden trail: the similar modder put in Animal Crossing’s emblematic personality as a protagonist, and you’ll flip enemies into dinosaurs. Or why no longer flip Nemesis into Shrek? The probabilities are unending.

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