Samsung Galaxy Note 20 teardown reveals a big surprise

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Samsung’s Galaxy Observe 20 is a beast of a telephone. 

However a brand new teardown through iFixit’s professionals — who tore down each the Observe 20 and the Observe 20 Extremely — expose a “multi-layered graphite thermal pad” as a substitute of the anticipated copper warmth pipes. 

Now, this would not be so bizarre if it were not for no less than one previous teardown of the similar instrument, which published — you guessed it — copper warmth pipes. It seems that that Samsung is both checking out out other cooling designs for the Observe, or possibly transport reasonably other Notes relying in the marketplace. 

No heat pipes to be seen.

No warmth pipes to be noticed.

Finally, there is not any explanation why to imagine that the graphite thermal pad-based cooling is any worse (or higher) than a vapor chamber design with warmth pipes. It is a captivating anomaly that we do not continuously see on high-profiles telephones such because the Samsung Galaxy Observe 20 and Observe 20 Extremely. 

It is price noting that Samsung remains to be lining the telephone’s show with copper to disperse warmth within the new Observe; simplest the cooling beneath the motherboard was once switched to graphite within the fashions iFixit tore down. 

Additionally, iFixit has been tearing down the U.S. fashions with 5G mmWave tech. Issues may well be other in different variants and markets. 

Different attention-grabbing main points: the wi-fi charging coils are very other on those two another way an identical gadgets; the sheer measurement of the digicam modules (they’re very, very large); and the truth that the Notes simplest have two 5G modules apiece, while the Samsung Galaxy Observe 10+ 5G and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Extremely have 3 (for causes unclear). 

Total, the Samsung Galaxy Observe 20 and Observe 20 Extremely don’t seem to be really easy to fix. iFixit complains about using adhesive, in addition to the battery and display screen being tricky to exchange. 

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