The Battle of Winterfell was dark and full of terrors. So dark, in fact, we couldn’t see anything.

They are saying Democracy Dies in Darkness (k, k, best we say that), however in Sunday night’s “Game of Thrones” episode, we learned what else dies in darkness.

The entire Dothraki army.

White Walkers.


Key characters pertinent to major plot points who maybe died or maybe lived, or perhaps died and then rose again with the undead and then died a second time — it’s really not clear, because we couldn’t actually see much of anything at all during “The Long Night.”

The whole episode felt chaotic and tense, more than an hour of combat that moved from the sky to the ground to the castle to the crypts. It was the longest and most expensive battle scene in the history of TV and cinema, the showrunners have said.

It was also, according to “Thrones” fans on Twitter, the darkest.

(Those fans, it seems, have spent these last 10 years adopting the ruthlessness of a Targaryen.)

The lighting, or lack thereof, was an intentional choice, part of the show’s aesthetic; you can read more about that from Vanity Fair, which interviewed the director of photography.

All we have for you are these funny tweets:


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