The best builds for Diona in Genshin Impact

Along Tartaglia, Genshin Affect Diona is the most recent persona to reach within the recreation as of replace 1.1. Whilst Tartaglia is the large draw within the new banner, Diona is under no circumstances a booby prize, proving a super have compatibility within the healer function.

The younger catgirl comes with relatively low well being (even if levelled up), however she will create shields and regenerate well being for the celebration. This makes her an enormous defensive asset, in spite of missing the durability normally related to defenders. So, let’s display you how you can get Diona in Genshin Affect, and the most productive tactics to set her up.

Learn how to get Diona in Genshin Affect

A part of the restricted time Genshin Affect ‘Farewell of Snezhnaya’ banner, Diona is a four-star persona with a 2.2 p.c pull charge. She’s accompanied via prior to now to be had four-star characters Ningguang and Beidou. Fellow newcomer Tartaglia rounds off the banner, despite the fact that he’s a five-star persona and due to this fact comes with a zero.6 p.c pull charge.

Tartaglia is indubitably the principle draw on this banner, and neither Ningguang or Beidou are in particular price rolling for. Diona isn’t a foul exchange, then again. The banner lasts from November 11 till December 1, so get her whilst you’ll be able to.

Genshin Affect Diona review

Diona has an abnormal backstory. She’s a bartender with a very good popularity as a drink mixer, however despises alcohol herself and has plans to destroy Mondstadt’s wine trade. Considered one of her beverages comprises milk, soy sauce, and chili. It used to be designed to show other folks clear of alcohol, however has it appears change into her most well liked concoction.

Diona will not be a headliner, however that doesn’t imply she must be disregarded. She will be able to upload a brand new measurement in your celebration. Additionally, should you’re taking a look to lean into the sport’s anime aesthetic, few characters have compatibility the invoice greater than the catgirl Cryo healer.

Commonplace assault: Katzlein Taste

  • Commonplace Assault: Diona fires 5 non-elemental arrows.
  • Charged Assault: Diona fires an Aimed Shot, which fees with Cryo harm.
  • Plunging Assault: Diona slams down, dealing AoE harm.

Elemental Talent: Icy Paws

Diona sends two Icy Paws out, dealing Cryo harm to enemies in entrance of her. Diona positive factors a defend that scales to her HP, which lasts longer for each and every enemy hit via her Icy Paws. When charged, Diona will sprint backwards and hearth off 5 Icy Paws moderately than two. Her defend additionally positive factors a 75 p.c harm absorption bonus.

Elemental Burst: Signature Combine

Diona creates a Drunker Mist, which offers AoE Cryo harm to enemies inside of it and heals allies inside of it.

(Symbol credit score: miHoYo)


  • Cat’s Tail Secret Menu: Any characters shielded via Icy Paws acquire 10 p.c greater motion Velocity and lose Stamina 10 p.c slower.
  • Drunkard’s Farce: Enemies in Drunkard’s Mist obtain a 10 p.c Assault stat aid for 15 seconds.
  • Complimentary Bar Meals: Diona has a 12 p.c probability to create double the product when cooking any meal with Restorative homes. Most effective occurs when foods are cooked purr-fectly.


  • A Lingering Taste: Diona regenerates 15 Power as Signature Combine ends.
  • Shaken, Now not Purred: Icy Paws deal 15 p.c greater harm, and the shields generated had 15 p.c additional harm absorption. When a paw hits an enemy, it generates a defend for any within sight characters with 50 p.c effectiveness for 5 seconds.
  • A- Some other Spherical?: Signature Combine’s stage is greater via three.
  • Wine Business Slayer: Aimed Shot fees 60 p.c sooner whilst Diona is inside of Drunken Mist.
  • Double Shot, On The Rocks: Icy Paws’ stage is greater via three.
  • Cat’s Tail Remaining Time: Inside of Drunken Mist, characters acquire a 30 p.c therapeutic bonus when underneath 50 p.c HP, or acquire 200 Elemental Mastery when above 50 p.c HP.

(Symbol credit score: miHoYo)

Best possible Genshin Affect Diona construct: Instance set ups

Diona is most fitted to the Healer function. Together with her low HP, she’s a legal responsibility should you use her as an offensive fighter, so there’s little level suggesting a construct striking her at the frontline. It’s a waste of a slot on your celebration and a waste of Diona’s attainable. In different phrases, don’t do it.


  • Favonius Warbow: Vital Hits have a 60 p.c probability to generate Elemental Debris, which generate 6 Power for Diona. Diona is simplest efficient when she will use her abilities, so a bow which enhances it is a an important a part of Diona’s arsenal.
  • Sacrificial Bow: After destructive an opponent with an Elemental Talent, the talent has a 40 p.c probability to finish its personal cooldown, regardless that it will simplest happen as soon as each and every 30 seconds. Once more, as a bow which aids Diona’s use of abilities, it’s a super selection for her.


  • Maiden Cherished: 2-parts: Persona Therapeutic effectiveness rises via 15 p.c. Four-parts: The usage of Elemental Talent or Elemental Burst will increase therapeutic gained via all celebration individuals via 20 p.c for the following 10 seconds.

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