The Best Games of 2019 (Didn't Do Anything New)

Ray tracing, haptic comments, social strands, wonder mechanics, 8k answer, “play as somebody”, adaptive triggers, games-as-service, complicated processing gadgets… it by no means ends with the buzzwords, jfc.

Now, I do know we’re meant to be fascinated about all this new generation and these types of new technique to play video games, and I’m as most probably as the following man to pre-order a PS5 and/or Xbox… Two? Excellent-looking video games are higher than the other, no person is arguing that.

Yeah, no thank you

AND YET! Is any of this crap going to make video games extra enjoyable? Did taking part in Borderlands 2 in VR make it extra relaxing, or did it make you motion-sick? The Fornite Black Hollow tournament was once novel, certain, however Is Season 2 of Fortnite doing anything else that “Season 1” wasn’t already doing? Did turning Fallout into a unusual MMO social experiment make it extra enjoyable than a regular-ass Fallout recreation would had been?

That’s a rhetorical query, no wish to solution that.

You understand what I feel? Probably the most easiest video games in 2019 had been those to mention “no” to performative innovation and simply give avid gamers what they would like, what they’ve been announcing the need with their mouth-holes and their lil’ wallets and their HEARTS for years upon years. We simply need video games which can be just right and purposeful and that scratch the itch that made us avid gamers within the first position. And I’m no longer simply speaking about reboots and remakes, that are additionally wonderful and just right –

– however the sequels and non secular successors which were dominating our gaming libraries in 2019.

It is a shout-out to the comfort-food video games of 2019.

Showcase A: Bloodstained Ritual of the Night time

In the future, a couple of years in the past, Konami advised Igarashi that no person sought after 2-D exploration-based Castlevania video games. They have been gonna pass a distinct route, focusing as an alternative on pachinko, Silent Hill slot machines, and in reality unhealthy reboots of Contra, for some reason why. And you realize what he did? He advised them to get fucked.

Iga kickstarted a bootleg-ass 2-D exploration-based Castlevania recreation and it completely dominated (in the event you didn’t play it at the Transfer. When you performed it at the Transfer, uh, put out of your mind this phase and skip forward to Showcase B). Used to be Bloodstained cutting edge? No longer in reality. Used to be it enjoyable as heck, stuffed with secrets and techniques and bizarre little discoveries and did it set a brand new bar for Igarashivania titles? Shit yeah it did! Goddamn I like this recreation.

That is the sport that controversy couldn’t kill. Again and again, Borderlands three was once introduced up for judgement on the courtroom of cancellation and every time, it skated thru unscathed. Why? As a result of other folks sought after to play every other dang Borderlands recreation, easy as that. And it isn’t the fault of hundreds of builders that one individual on the most sensible is just like the Adam Nuemann of video games.

It’s been SEVEN YEARS because the remaining numbered Borderlands recreation and just about NOTHING is all that other about this sequel. And you realize what? That’s precisely how we would have liked it!

I’m bored with grinding for a similar must-have pieces in video games like Future. I don’t have the time nor the inclination to coordinate a Four-hour raid that can or won’t even drop the item I would like and wish to be viable within the subsequent Four-hour raid, DESTIN. Borderlands is the only and best looter shooter that permits you to play when and the way you wish to have, by myself or with buddies or with strangers, when you wish to have and all the time delivers a stupid-fun time with a significant feeling of development. Why mess with what so clearly works?

Showcase C: The Outer Worlds

It is a recreation that captures the entirety we beloved in regards to the Fallout sequence, in a sci-fi setting that borrows maximum of what we beloved about that franchise and that rejects the entire nonsense Bethesda has been making an attempt so as to add. There’s no wonky development gadget, no procedurally-generated quests interrupting the drift, no recreation breaking insects, no pay-to-play nonsense and no trash MMO mechanics in a wonderfully purposeful single-player setting. It’s precisely what we preferred, and extra of it. Discussion and looting simulators with occasional sluggish movement capturing segments. Easiest. Send it.

I see a couple of other folks crabbing that Outer Worlds is simply too very similar to Fallout. To which I might answer: So?

Fallout New Vegas is as regards to my favourite recreation of all time. I’ll play permutations of it in numerous places so long as they preserve making ‘em. If Outer Worlds is simply Fallout in Area, that’s wonderful through me. Truthfully, what’s Skyrim, however the delusion model of Fallout? What’s A ways Cry, however Fallout at double velocity with the entire anti-corporate capitalist politics got rid of from it? What’s a person, however a depressing little pile of secrets and techniques?

The Most sensible 100 Video games of All Time (2019 Replace)

What do you suppose? Do you suppose comfort-food gaming ruled 2019 or have been you extra of a “Titanfall, however with out the mechs” kind individual? Is that this the primary yr in awhile the place you’re like, “you realize what? I AM within the COD unmarried participant this yr for the primary time in awhile”? Or would you fairly play QWOP with Daryl for like 100 hours?

What have been a few of your favourite consolation meals video games of 2019? What taste of recreation do you want to look extra of in 2020? Lemme know within the feedback underneath, and for all issues comforting… IGN is there for you, good friend.

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