This upcoming Amnesia mod explores one of Dark Souls 3's spookiest areas

An upcoming Amnesia: The Darkish Descent mod may retroactively repair probably the most disappointing house in Darkish Souls three. The Profaned Capital mod will make best sense to Darkish Souls avid gamers, however although you might be now not a Darkish Souls sequence knowledgeable, you gotta admit horror sport set in darkish myth post-apocalypse sounds lovely rad. 

First, let’s catch everybody up: Proceeding the custom set by way of Misplaced Izalith within the authentic Darkish Souls, one house within the again part of Darkish Souls three does not slightly really feel completed. Upon exploring the depths underneath Irithyll, after wading during the aqueducts and dungeons and sewer giants, you can in finding the Profaned Capital. What appeared like a previously wealthy town is now ruined and in large part deserted aside from for a couple of gargoyle automatons nonetheless protecting its crumbling partitions.

ABOVE: Flip to VaatiViyda for a deeper Profaned Capital lore interpretation. 

However what appears to be like to be an enormous new house to discover quantities to a walkway and a md room, the place you struggle Yhorm the Large. He is bummed as a result of by way of snuffing out the Profaned Capital’s titular profaned flame, he mainly prompt a response that killed everybody within the town however him and a couple of fortunate survivors. Nuked. Melancholy, demise, corruption—thematically, we are with ease straddling Darkish Souls and Amnesia already. 

The little left at the back of remains to be some excellent horror tale stuff: a civilization corrupted after which eliminated by way of the facility of the profaned flame (no matter it’s). The silver, expressionless mask of the jailers and handmaidens nonetheless placing round recommend it used to be as soon as a wonderful society overrun by way of occult powers, so no matter’s nonetheless crawling round within the stays of the town most probably is not a lot friendlier.

The Profaned Capital tale mod imagines what it could be love to discover those self same ruins within the first-person horror sport framework of Amnesia, sanity, tactile physics, and all. However you can be exploring the Profaned Capital lengthy after (or sooner than?) the occasions of Darkish Souls three. What if we unearthed ruins from previous Darkish Souls video games lately, on this explicit cycle of fireplace? 

(Symbol credit score: Frictional Video games / ModDB consumer Rednie)

This is the synopsis:

Edward Hädelberg, as soon as a a hit archeologist, is employed by way of an oligarch from Prussia to search out an historic capital within the Nordryggen mountains of the Norway. Misplaced capital used to be believed to be fallen underground all over the Titan Wars in Scandinavic lands millenniums in the past. Legends state that an enormous quantity of treasure is hidden throughout the ruins of the capital. Edward accepts the be offering of 10,000 Thallers and heads to the Norway. A mysterious and threatening journey awaits Edward as he progresses during the misplaced dungeons stuffed with abyssal creatures.

So yeah, it is nonetheless very Amnesia. 

I gave the early demo to be had at the mod web page a whirl, and whilst it is tough to inform what the general factor will play like, I am digging one of the concepts in there already. It is properly paced, opening with a spooky mountainside exploration bit set all over a storm from snow. You’re employed your manner into the stomach of an historic mountain and I like my horror with some chilly, historic mountains. And there, deep inside of, splashing gentle towards the crude stone partitions is a bonfire, lighting fixtures up some extraordinarily bummed adventurers. (Time and area do not behave generally round bonfires, so working into old-timey Darkish Souls guys is smart although it does not.)

Some lovely Darkish Souls staples are built-in too: you can select up rings that increase stats, misplaced souls are scattered round as sparkling orbs and paintings as forex with some traders, and there is even a fog wall to traverse sooner than the primary bad stretch of the demo. I laughed lovely laborious after I attempted to open a door and a realize popped as much as say, “Does now not open from this aspect.” 

The temper is already there, I am simply curious concerning the narrative. Lately, current NPC discussion is used to voice the characters, so I am hoping to look them changed or a minimum of supported by way of originals. There may be some attention-grabbing room to play with the convergence of our trendy international with Darkish Souls’, however this can be a lovely early demo. It surely feels extra like a compact testbed for early concepts quite than a completed piece of the entire hog. 

Author Rednie commented that construction used to be just about completed, so my palms are crossed for October. I do know we have now some other complete Amnesia sport to play quickly too, however a horror sport interpretation of Darkish Souls three’s maximum mysterious location is sort of extra interesting. It is that rattling Elden Ring drought worming its deeper and deeper nonetheless. 

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