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Twitter is experiencing a weird bug that's affecting likes and retweets

Hey Twitter, what's going on with my likes?
Hello Twitter, what is going on with my likes?

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One thing is up with Twitter.

It isn’t most effective that it is onerous to observe a dialog between two other folks at the platform, however somewhat there is a bizarre worm that is messing up likes, retweets and notifications, one thing which Twitter is operating on resolving.

As reported by way of quite a few Twitter customers prior to now day, the worm turns out to reason likes and retweets to vary wildly, or seem a lot not up to same old.

Some customers suspected Twitter used to be mass-deleting retweet and prefer counts.

For different customers, they have reported problems with notifications, and no longer seeing tweets citing them.

Twitter said the problem, and a spokesperson advised Mashable that it used to be merely an “inner worm.” 

The corporate mentioned it used to be operating to unravel the issue, so no, it is not simply you that is feeling the pinch of unpopularity.

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