Video: What Is Utreexo And What Could It Mean For Bitcoin?

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In this episode of The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado, Aaron and Sjors are as soon as once more joined by way of Ruben Somsen. However this time, the trio isn’t discussing considered one of Somsen’s personal proposals however diving into an idea from analysis scientist and Lightning Community author Tadge Dryja referred to as “Utreexo.”

Every time a brand new Bitcoin transaction is made, Bitcoin nodes use a UTXO set (the evaluation of all bitcoin in lifestyles at any given time) to resolve that the cash which might be being spent in point of fact exist. This UTXO set is lately a number of gigabytes in measurement and continues to develop over the years and there’s no higher prohibit to how large it might probably doubtlessly get.

As a result of Bitcoin nodes carry out easiest and quickest if the UTXO set is saved in RAM (specifically when syncing a brand new node), and RAM is generally a rather scarce useful resource for many computer systems, it will advantages a node’s efficiency if the UTXO set might be saved in a extra compact structure. That is the promise of Utreexo.

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Utreexo would take the entire UTXOs in lifestyles and come with them in a Merkle Tree, a data-structure consisting best of hashes. Aaron, Sjors and Ruben provide an explanation for how the compact Utreexo constitution may suffice in proving that a specific UTXO is integrated when a brand new transaction is made, they usually talk about the possible advantages that would floor if this answer turns into to be had, in addition to a few of its possible tradeoffs.

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