Wasteland 3: How to Recruit Every Companion

Under is an inventory of recognized Rangers, Partners, and Fans that you’ll be able to choose between.

After opting for from the preliminary 2 primary characters (or customizing your individual), you are going to arrive on the Ranger HQ in Colorado, and as soon as you have located your self in command, you’ll be able to talk in your new pals to regulate an inventory of attainable Ranger recruits. Those characters are available presets, and if any die, you’ll be able to choose between the others within the record, or switch them out any time you might be again at Ranger HQ. The excellent news is that even while you are off adventuring, they are going to be expanding in degree as properly, so you will not have to fret about re-training them.

If you do not like the choice, you’ll be able to additionally create a customized personality just like you have to do for the 2 primary characters. It is a excellent technique to make four characters that experience nice synergy and fill in many of the gaps of essential abilities and weapon sorts you want.

Ranger Title Sort Number one Talents Number one Weapon
Axle Mechanic Mechanics,

Small Fingers,

Weapon Modding

Banshee Sniper Sniper Rifles,

Small Fingers,

Sneaky Shit

Sniper Rifle
Bison Invoice Survivalist Survival,

Sniper Rifles,

First Support

Sniper Rifle
Blackeye Betty Brawler Brawling,


Arduous Ass

Fist Weapon
Butterfly Infiltrator Melee Fight,


Sneaky Shit

Fight Knife
Crash Hacker Nerd Stuff,

Sneaky Shit,

Computerized Guns

Submachine Gun
Danny Smiles Dealer Barter,

Small Fingers,

Arduous Ass

Devlin Modder Computerized Guns,

Armor Modding,

Weapon Modding

Attack Rifle
Document Nails Fight Medic Giant Weapons,

First Support,


Heavy Device Gun
Ice Sniper Sniper Rifles,

Sneaky Shit,

Weapon Modding

Sniper Rifle
Preacher Trooper Computerized Guns,



Attack Rifle
Prof. Higgs Inventor Small Fingers,

Toaster Restore,

Bizarre Science

Laser Pistol
Sasquatch Enforcer Survival,

Melee Fight,


Melee Weapon
Shellshock Trooper Computerized Guns,

Armor Modding,


Attack Rifle
Thunder Explosives Knowledgeable Explosives,

Giant Weapons,

Armor Modding

Heavy Device Gun
Wolf Commander Kiss Ass,

Computerized Guns,


Submachine Gun
Zeus Modder Giant Weapons,


Nerd Stuff


Exchange to the rangers you’ll be able to workforce up your squad with, you’ll be able to even have as much as 2 Partners for your squad at any given time. Partners are named characters with their very own tale and phase to play. Some have explicit factions they best friend themselves with, and going towards their rules might make them go away in the event you behave poorly.

You’ll be able to additionally ask partners to face down, at which level they’re going to go away your birthday party and stay till they’re wanted once more, permitting you to switch out partners at will. Under is an inventory of partners and the way you’ll be able to recruit them in your purpose.

Jodie Bell

  • Significant other Sort: Motive force
  • Number one Talents: Sniper Rifles, Mechanics, Animal Whisperer, First Support
  • Association: None


Pvt. Jodie Bell is a recruitable better half in Barren region three. She is in truth one of the most first characters you’ll be able to meet, however it’ll be a twinkling of an eye earlier than she is in a position to sign up for your group.

While you first meet her within the prologue, she’ll be held hostage by means of the Dorseys, and simplest be the usage of Kiss Ass or Arduous Ass ability exams are you able to persuade them to go away her on my own. She’ll observe you to the Ranger HQ, and relaxation up till once you have undertaken a number of missions – most often once you have finished Giant Bother in Little Vegas.

Go back to Ranger HQ after this and he or she will have to after all be again on her toes. As a member of the Rangers she does not hang a lot allegiance to any faction, however she normally desires to do the precise factor – despite the fact that she complains so much. She most often has top Consciousness, however low Power and Pace.

Marshal Kwon

  • Significant other Sort: Lawkeeper
  • Number one Talents: Computerized Guns, Kiss Ass, Sneaky Shit
  • Association: Patriarch’s Marshals

Marshal Kwon is a recruitable better half in Barren region three. He’s the primary better half that may sign up for your team, and can routinely ask to sign up for you upon getting made your house base setup in Ranger HQ.

As a member of the Patriarch’s Marshals, Kwon is technically on mortgage that can assist you out at the Patriarch’s orders. As such, he is fiercely dependable to each the Patriarch and the Marshals team, and does now not glance kindly upon any transgressions towards them.

Kwon is a rather well-rounded personality, without a exceptionally top or low attributes, and will temporarily be altered to suit any position (even though he does desire his customized computerized weapon).

Lucia Wesson

  • Significant other Sort: Gunslinger
  • Number one Talents: Small Fingers, Weapon Modding, Barter, Survival
  • Association: The Hundred Households

Lucia Wesson is a recruitable better half in Barren region three. She is the second one better half to sign up for your team, and can ask to sign up for you after achieving downtown Colorado Springs and taking at the quest to combat the Dorseys within the Lawn of the Gods.

After talking to Sheriff Daisy, you are going to in finding Lucia both within the police station or on the front to the lawn, and she’s going to insist she accompany you – even though you are going to have the danger to modify your thoughts after the undertaking is entire.

Because the daughter of some of the outstanding homes of the Hundred Households, Lucia is strongly hooked up to the recognition of the households – and won’t tolerate maximum transgressions towards them, or illegal deeds. She is easily educated together with her revolver, and boasts top Consciousness and Intelligence, however low Coordination, Power, and Aura.


  • Significant other Sort: Hobo
  • Number one Talents: Small Fingers, Lockpicking, Sneaky Shit, Melee Fight
  • Association: Refugees

Scotchmo is the returning token inebriated and recruitable better half in Barren region three. He’s most often the fourth better half that may sign up for your team.

You can in finding him again on the Ranger HQ Base – within the mess corridor – after you have concluded the quests referring to refugees in The Unusual. It has additionally been reported that he might seem at Union Station relying on possible choices you are making.

Scotchmo comes together with his personal shotgun through which he is very gifted, and is usually a fine addition in your birthday party in case you are missing a sneak-thief – however is probably not as preferable in the event you’ve already constructed up Lucia or Kwon similarly. Not like them, he is beautiful relax with maximum of your selections and may not threaten to go away in the event you do one thing beneath the board. He has a rather beneficiant unfold of Success, Consciousness, and Pace, however do not plan on him making any social selections together with his missing Intelligence and Aura.


  • Significant other Sort: Scrapper
  • Number one Talent: Melee Fight, Armor Modding, Toaster Restore
  • Association: Arduous-Heads Gang

The chief of the Head-Heads gang, Fishlips is a recruitable better half in Barren region three. He is likely one of the later partners you’ll be able to deliver onto your group – if in case you have the tummy.

In an effort to get him to your aspect, you’ll be able to wish to move to Union Station the place his gang is attacking. Even though you’ll be able to attempt to bypass preventing him with a social test, you’ll be able to whittle down his well being in a combat to make him admit you are the actual boss of this group.

Fishlips is likely one of the extra melee-heavy partners you’ll be able to in finding, round the similar time as you run into Ironclade Cordite, and until you are looking to fill a selected theme you will have to more than likely keep on with one or the opposite. He comes with a bladed weapon, and has very top Power and Pace to use charging into the fray to chop down your enemies, however he is not prone to get any fortunate moves.

Ironclad Cordite

  • Significant other Sort: Warlord
  • Number one Talent: Brawling, Management, Explosives, Mechanics
  • Association:

Ironclad Cordite is a mysterious and rather necessary recruitable better half in Barren region three. He is a cyborg, and already has get right of entry to to the perk which helps you to give him equipment different characters cannot get simply.

To search out him, you’ll be able to wish to stay an ear out for a mysterious request to search out the Outdated Survivalist Bunker hidden in Broadmoor Heights. This location will simplest turn into to be had when you end the principle quests at The Unusual.

Not like all different Partners, Ironclad Cordite additionally has an essential component to play within the tale, and easily having him in tow can adjust how the remaining 3rd of the sport performs out, making him an excessively attractive pick out.

Along with cyborg tech, Ironclad additionally boasts a shotgun arm this is implausible devastating, and, and may be very adept at shut battle, with top Coordination, Power, Pace, and Intelligence around the board. The one draw is his management is slowed down by means of his low aura – and your primary characters might have already got that lined.

Victory Buchanan

  • Significant other Sort: Psychopath
  • Number one Talent: Small Fingers, Giant Weapons, Arduous Ass
  • Association: None

One among your primary objectives in Barren region three, Vic Buchanan can in truth be recruited to sign up for you – in case you are into that kind of factor. Victory is a whole wild card, which makes the theory of becoming a member of you in truth conceivable.

Not like different bosses you may face, Vic in truth asks you at once if he can sign up for your group – so relying on what sort of Rangers you intend to be, selecting him up can both be amusing rise up or a horrible thought. You wish to have simplest settle for his request whilst you face him in Aspen.

Vic has a good specialization in more than a few guns large and small, and will deal a large number of harm with out lacking because of his top Consciousness and Intelligence. He is additionally were given some very distinctive reactions and dialogues by means of having him for your birthday party, so be at liberty to use his top Aura to get into hassle.

Pizepi Joren

  • Significant other Sort: Researcher
  • Number one Talent: Computerized Guns, Nerd Stuff, Bizarre Science, First Support
  • Association: Rangers

Any other returning personality that you’ll be able to recruit in Barren region three, Pizepi Joren is a member of the Rangers that have been misplaced in Colorado earlier than you arrived.

You’ll be able to in finding Pizepi quickly after you take care of Vic within the Aspen area, and will recruit her for her large science mind that can assist you out if wanted.

Pizepi is the “nerd” of the partners you’ll be able to in finding, because of this she is usually a massive spice up in case your tech-oriented characters had been missing. She’s additionally were given a rather first rate unfold of attributes with top Consciousness and Intelligence, and simplest truly missing in Power. Alternatively, if one in every of your primary characters is already a large science nerd with so much issues invested, she is probably not value it this some distance into the sport.

Not like Rangers and Partners, you’ll be able to additionally recruit different fans to sign up for a selected personality in fight. Those fans – like tamed animals – do not depend in opposition to your squad overall, and thus can’t be at once managed. They are going to observe the nature that “employed” them, and when fight commences, they’re going to transfer and assault enemies on right through a pleasant segment.

Maximum occasions, a selected personality can simplest have one follower at a time, however there could also be positive instances that let you have a couple of fans in line with personality.

Tamed Animals

As you discover the sector, there are lots of cases the place you’ll be able to run throughout docile animals that may be interacted with by means of a personality with the correct Animal Whisperer ability. Each and every form of animal will give your personality a passive buff as long as they’re following alongside. If you want to tame any other animal for that personality, you will have to first “communicate” to the animal and command it to go away.

See the record beneath of animals and the bonuses they supply:

Animal Sort Passive Bonus Animal Whisperer Req. Degree
Hen Enjoy +three% Degree 1
Rabbit Initiative +10% Degree 1
Fox Management Vary +three Degree 1
Cat Crit Likelihood +6% Degree 2
Canine Fight Pace +zero.1 Degree three
Waste Wolf Sneak Assault Harm +five% Degree five
Pig Con +30 Degree ?
  • The Cat “Primary Tom” will also be discovered on the finish of the academic phase earlier than you achieve the Kodiak, and will also be enticed to sign up for you with cigarettes given by means of Jodie Bell (in the event you stored her), or with Animal Whisperer ability.
  • A bad mouthed parrot named “Polly” will also be discovered on the front to the Unusual, and his “proprietor” will also be satisfied to promote him for 200 (150 with the precise Barter ability), or unfastened with a top sufficient Animal Whisperer ability.

Cyborg Chickens

Similar to the follower animals, Cyborg Chickens are particular sorts of animal you’ll be able to tame which are present in explicit places around the Barren region. They appear to have variable stats relying on the place you in finding them, and might require other ranges of Animal Whisperer abilities – and discovering them will also be difficult.


Right through the aspect quest Do not You Be My Neighbor, you’ll be able to examine the rental of a loopy scientist named Irv who’s growing clones of himself. After defeating the clones and finding Irv, you’ll be able to persuade him to sign up for you at Ranger HQ to proceed his cloning analysis.

Via doing this, you’ll be able to talk to him to create a clone of one of the most participants of your squad. Those clones are not as good as the actual deal – and like to run round punching the entirety, however are nonetheless moderately sturdy. Within the tournament in their dying, you’ll be able to loot them for his or her stays, and go back it to Irv to create a brand new clone in it is position.

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