What loot would you drop?

You kill issues, you’re taking their stuff. That is the regulation of video games. It is slightly price saving a village from goblins if you do not dig throughout the lint of their wallet and to find 4 gold cash. 

Our weekend query is: What loot would you drop? At the day you in spite of everything ragdoll, what’s going to a birthday celebration of adventurers to find for your wallet? 5 greenbacks and a few tissues? The crafting fabrics to make a Razer DeathAdder? Rainy wipes and a +1 longsword? Simply snacks—such a lot of snacks? 

It does not need to actually be no matter’s for your wallet at the moment if you wish to get ingenious. Listed below are our solutions, plus a couple of from our discussion board. 

(Symbol credit score: Nationwide Beverage)

James Davenport: Coconut flavored Los angeles Croix and a joint. I hit 30 just lately so probably the most fascinating factor about me is that I smoke weed. My previous spare time activities, like skateboarding and kissing, will kill me now. Age is right here. If a rain cloud seems my bones rattle and pulse. All that is left within is ballooning dread and my latent self-control to conquer it supplanted by means of a nightly ritual of smoking and observing trash tv (anime is how I believe now) or enjoying JRPGs on simple and getting mad about turn-based fight. And now my frame inflates if I devour the rest that tastes just right, so as a substitute I drink water that hurts to swallow and tastes like lotion. If I pay attention, I believe the scented bubbles rolling down my ever-contracting throat (anxiousness) are a sumptuous dessert. This water assists in keeping me alive. I am very thankful. 

Andy Chalk: A beat-up pocket knife with a damaged blade, a couple of cash that to start with look appear to be gold however are certainly now not, and no tea.

Jody Macgregor: A handkerchief. When you roll a 1 on a d4 it is hypersensitivity season and that factor is most commonly snot. 

Tim Clark: I am  an previous guy with out a youngsters or a automobile so I might say a reasonable quantity of gold and a few blue rarity trousers.

(Symbol credit score: Hammer)

Morgan Park: One fidget dice and an power drink (part empty).

Since I am just about cool sufficient to do leisure medicine frequently (significantly James, the place is weed?), the one issues that’d come out of my corpse upon loss of life are the fidget dice I elevate round and no matter power drink I had in my hand on the time. That would possibly not sound like high-tier loot, however you must know I simplest fidget with title emblem cubes. Those small children characteristic impact-resistant clicky buttons, rotating cogs with the maximum snap, and analog sticks that may take care of hours of fiddling at a time. They are the Cadillac of $10 toys that assist me now not chew my nails.

(Symbol credit score: Gollancz)

Andy Kelly: An previous paperback.

One in all my present vices is purchasing previous books. I needed to get a complete new shelf just lately simply to deal with all of them. And every time I’m going anyplace (nicely, within the previous global, once I went puts) I’ve one filled in my within jacket pocket. I am in particular keen on previous sci-fi novels from the ’70s with wild Chris Foss-esque duvet artwork, which nearly by no means displays the real content material of the tale. So if a band of adventurers have been to kill me, they might most certainly discover a well-thumbed replica of Arthur C. Clarke’s Rendezvous With Rama, or one thing equivalent, mendacity subsequent to an excessively small pile of gold. And if it was once The Witcher, most certainly a hen sandwich too.

McStabStab: They might to find my Steam Controller (+1 to dexterity, +1 to intelligence), a roll of transparent hockey tape (+1 to agility), and a field of Bitter Patch Youngsters (-10 to HP, +1 to happiness).

OsaX Nymloth: A “not anything truly issues, void welcomes all” notice. Would most certainly give whoever choices it up a -Three to all cube rolls, Melancholy debuff and feature a 30% likelihood of turning the deficient soul into nihilistic vangaurd of dread.

I Will Hang-out You: My 6″ pewter ankh pendant. Provides +2 to all air of mystery rolls with the “goth” and “wiccan” factions and a +2 to all intimidate rolls in opposition to “normies” (+four vs Catholics). Has the facet impact of inflicting other folks in sport retail outlets and comedian ebook retail outlets to invite “Do you play Vampire?”

Frindis: One sweaty t-shirt (-Five air of mystery), a Big name Citizen keychain (+Five ambition), an expired bank card (-10 good fortune), a buying groceries notice (-Five agility).

Rensje: I am slightly sure I might drop two keyrings (+Five lockpicking each and every), a small sack of cash, a posh get dressed blouse (+1 air of mystery) and a few breath mints (+Five speech).

Mazer: A fork. One fork. The general fork I’ve to provide.

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