You can have like 12 arms in Caves of Qud's new update

Conventional-style roguelike Caves of Qud has a large new patch coming the next day, September 28th, that overhauls Chimera-type mutants and introduces some components of its person interface overhaul. The large exchange is that Chimeric mutants, limited to bodily mutations, can now randomly develop new frame portions once they mutate additional. So you’ll develop extra fingers, or legs, or torsos, or heads, or some other bizarre section within the sport’s library of frame portions, together with the entirety from plant roots and fungus gills to wings.

Which means you’ll have, say, 12 fingers wielding 12 axes and dismembering 12 enemy limbs every spherical. Or 3 units of fingers, every wielding a flamethrower that you are dressed in on every of your 3 torsos.

The replace additionally implements the primary spherical of Qud’s new person interface enhancements, styled to be extra like a contemporary RPG and not more like a sport matter to the constraints of MS-DOS generation interfaces. It will optimistically pass some distance in opposition to making the sport much less alienating for brand spanking new avid gamers. Scope the brand new dialog display above.

There also are numerous different atypical new updates to different mutations coming, as hinted in those screenshots posted to the Freehold Video games twitter account:

Grow plant parts!

Develop plant portions! (Symbol credit score: Freehold Video games)

Dent spacetime!

Dent spacetime! (Symbol credit score: Freehold Video games)

Drink a battery!

Drink a battery! (Symbol credit score: Freehold Video games)

I am not totally certain how to provide an explanation for Caves of Qud if you do not know what it’s. If truth be told wait, no, it is a dungeon crawler set in up to now a long term that the science is magic and virtually everyone seems to be a peculiar mutant, and if you are now not a peculiar mutant, you are a bizarre pure-strain human cyborg factor. It is usually a piece of attention-grabbing, stunning narrative complexity, with an in depth tale that is section hand-written, section procedurally generated, and all awe-inspiring. It is one in all our best 100 video games at the PC, the place we mentioned that it is “A gloomy horse if there ever used to be one, Caves of Qud is the most efficient RPG you are now not enjoying.”

This has been a yr of giant updates for Qud, with the sprawling Tomb of the Eaters dungeon getting added only a few months in the past. Mutations were getting frequently made over since, however most commonly at the beta department of the sport. This patch will convey all the ones adjustments into one large overhaul. You’ll to find Caves of Qud on its professional website online, in addition to on Steam, GOG, and for $15. 

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